Saturday, February 01, 2014

"at ME" - 02/01/14 - Exodus 7-9

God told Moses, "Look at me" (7:1)

He gives me the word picture of His hand guiding my face back to His.  Keeping me from becoming distracted, drawn away - from Him. 

There are times, I am as a child.  My attention going here and there, a little ADD going on......I will get sidetracked and take off on my own adventure.  How thankful I am that my ABBA is the ever present, ever loving Daddy that He is.  Hind site enables me to see the many dangerous steps I could have taken, if not for Him.

Then there are times when I am nothing more than ugly.  When I am purposely choosing to not look at Him.  Either because of pride, selfishness, lazy, arrogance - just all out, in your face, defiance.  Freely choosing, looking, serving, worshiping,  "me"  in the mirror, as my top priority.  

And as I gaze into the mirror, the reflection becomes so ugly, I have to turn away.  When I am a reflection of "myself", it is looking into the darkness and ugliness of the abyss of sin.  So ugly, that even "rose colored glasses" can't change the truth of the reflection of "me".

It is then, when I look away from "me", there He is.  Telling me, calling to me, unconditionally loving me, covering my ugliness in grace, mercy, forgiveness.

Look at "ME", is His desire.

The transformation is astonishing.  For when my eyes are totally focused on Him, He is who I reflect.  He is who makes "me" less and Him more. 

And then, His beauty is reflected.

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