Wednesday, March 29, 2017

"Kept Appointments" - 03/29/17 - 1 Samuel 13-14

"And all because you didn’t keep your appointment with God!” (13:14)

A few years ago during our weekly Bible study, we were discussing about how life can rob us of peace if we allow it.  This led to the way life can rob us of so much, if our focus isn't on Him.  One of the women then said,  "she didn't want to miss God."

Her comment hasn't left my thoughts.

Divine Appointments.

God has them lined up for us each and every day.

Whose appointment book are we living by - His or ours?

How often are we in such a rush to keep our agenda, that we miss out completely who or what He has set up for us that day?  
Christ went away, in the early morning, to be with our Abba. 
Throughout His Word He tells us to dig into it, consume it, make it part of our heart, our life, our being.  This isn't done unless we schedule in "ink" to be in His Word every day.  I think about how we are able to "pencil" in weddings, funerals, doctor appointments, lunches, etc., yet we are sometimes even unable to "pencil" in an appointment with Him every day. 

During the past years, I strive to meet with Him first thing every morning.  It isn't often I miss our time together, going over His Love Letter to me.  He gives me the needed verses I am to carry with me throughout the day.  This time with Him has grown from being a habit to an essential part of my life.  Those times when I push our meeting to later in the day, messes up my focus. 
Thankfully, His Word is powerful and alive, which keeps me going until I make it to my Divine Appointment with Him.

But, how different our day goes when we meet with Him first thing.  Our day begins totally focused on and in Him.  
And in being focused on Him, do we find ourselves eagerly awaiting the "Divine Appointments" He has set up for us with others throughout the day?


There is such excitement when I recognize I am in the middle of His appointment I am to have with another and think about how long He has had this planned.  How He has grown me to this time and place.  Prepared me to be a vessel for Him in this exact appointment. 
Nothing is by chance. 
Then there are the times we will come away blessed and filled, because we needed to be with the person or place He set up for us.  We needed to draw living water, encouragement, accountability, reinforcement, essential tools He knew were for all involved during "The Divine  Appointment".

"I don't want to miss God."

I don't. 

I do not want to be so busy with my way, my time, focused on me, the mundane things of life which really don't matter, that I miss His beauty walking right by me.  I do not want to break His heart because He is waiting for me to make our appointment or any other He has set up for me.

I do not want to be like five of the ten virgins who were not prepared to meet their groom.  I do not want to be as they were - gone - because they had to run and get more oil.  I want to live my life looking through Christ eyes and ready for my Divine Appointments.  Yes, I will miss some, but it is a goal I have set for my life to set "in ink" my daily appointment with and in Him. 

In His Word, in constant prayer - "In" Him.

 We do not want to miss God.

The biggest part which blows my mind regarding our first thing in the morning "Divine Appointment"  -  He desires, looks forward, wipes His appointment book clean, to be with each one of us.

You and me.
Not to be erased, cancelled, or changed.
How Awesome is it that?
 "We" are His Divine Appointments He writes down in ink! 

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