Monday, April 17, 2017

"Our Bestest Friend, Our ABBA" - 04/17/17 - 1 Kings 12-14

"Please entreat the LORD your God, and pray for me" (13:6)

Just as the Queen of Sheba asked Solomon to speak to "his" God for her, king Jeroboam missed the boat as well when asking the man of God from Judah, "Please entreat the LORD your God, and pray for me".

I will never return back to the life in which I didn't communicate with our ABBA on a daily, moment to moment, way of living.  I will never return back to that place where He wasn't my "bestest friend". 


Because living with Him as I do now offers so much more.

I am still smiling when thinking about two pairs of little hands holding mine, hugs, smiles, conversations, shared with Adam, Ashley, Charles, and Ella yesterday, as we celebrated Easter together.  Although missing our Nichalas and Amber, I know they are being used as His vessels where they are. 
Today is the day our Nichalas and Amber embark on an adventure they have been working towards for the last three years.  Sometime this morning they will take their first steps in covering the Pacific Crest Trail beginning on the Mexican border near Campo, CA and planning to finish near the end of September in Manning Park, Canada.
It makes me smile knowing our ABBA is sharing in the delight and joy of  the next adventures for my family.   It brings much comfort and blesses my heart knowing He is with each of them every step they take and so looks forward to the memories they will be making together.  I love how He is also their "bestest friend" as well. 
As a mom, I can't imagine going to another and asking them to pray to "their God" because I felt I couldn't.  To not have the comfort and peace lifting each of them and others I love up to our ABBA. 
Asking that they will be used for Him and His glory.  It's a prayer of Faith, for I know not how they will be used.  It's a prayer of Trust, for I would rather be sharing daily living with everyone instead of a few days here and there.

Each and every day I communicate with our ABBA.  I share my heart.  my joys.  my concerns.  my fears.  I delight in sharing with Him.  I know - without doubt - He so desires all of me to be His.  I know - without doubt - He is always there waiting eagerly for me to share "me" with Him. 

We can't comprehend the full extent of The Gift He has given us in being able to go before Him and be with Him.  To have The Creator of all, The Holy Spirit,  living within us through the gift of our Savior. 

What a thought.  Knowing our ABBA, THE LORD of Lord's is waiting.  is watching.  is sharing.  is delighting.  is totally - head over heels in love with each of us.  Each of us.

He wants only to be "our" ABBA.  "our" bestest friend.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Deby, your post is so well timed for me today... I have been contemplating the whole "best friend" issue and decided that truly, only the Lord is my best friend! So your post confirmed that for me :) . And as I was reading, where you said you would never leave a life without the Lord in it, as friend, father, Saviour, I remember how in a really horrible time in our lives I told the Lord, I would rather be in this circumstance WITH Him, than in any circumstance without Him. Great post
God bless