Monday, September 18, 2017

"At The Ready" - 09/18/17 - 1 Chronicles 13-15

"When you hear a sound like shuffling feet in the tops of the balsams,
God will be two steps ahead of you" (14:15)
This is one of my favorite verses.
 He has given me such a gift in being able to visualize word pictures and each time I read this, I stand amazed.
In my mind's eye I can see His army standing at the ready, silent, waiting, for the sound of shuffling feet. No rams horn, no clanging cymbals, no shout out.
But there come "a sound like shuffling feet".

They had to be listening closely, attentively, totally focused on Him to recognize His sound.

Throughout Scripture there are so many accounts where His ways of war seem so far out there. So impossible that the only way winning was possible, was only because of Him.
There are times during the spiritual warfare here amongst us, when the battle plan seems to be opposite of what we feel is the right defense tactic. This is when it is essential to stand in His Word.  The Holy Spirit has prepared us.
Trust. Faith. Focus.

He is in control.  We must stand at the ready "in" Him.
“Listen for a sound like shuffling feet."
"God will be two steps ahead of you"


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