Thursday, June 22, 2017

"Our Roses" - 06/22/17 - Nahum 1-3; Habakkuk 1-3

"But the person in right standing before God
    through loyal and steady believing
    is fully alive, really alive." (Habakkuk 2:4)

Yesterday I took the afternoon off and spent it with our Ella.
It didn't mean I have everything caught up or work didn't need to be done. It did mean I need - need - to take time and smell the roses. Right now our precious grandchildren want to be with me. to spend time with me. to just be together doing. And I have found I am letting the busy of life get in the way.
One day will come too fast, too soon, when they will be busy and there won't just be together doing. Today for the first time ever, I had a tea party on our living room floor and I got to hear a little girl pray over pretend tea and cupcakes. Along with Mini Mouse and Micky Mouse, the "Boys" (from Adam and Nichalas' youth). We then read books (as I fought falling asleep), played "the money game" (aka Life), sat on the front porch swing watching and listening to the birds, walking up to the graveyard, standing at the foot of the Crucifix there and discussing how Jesus is our best friend. Why did He die. But He isn't dead now. Walking over to the playground and actually playing with her. It has been too many years since I have slid down a slide. Walking back and eating a jelly sandwich and drinking Grandpa Curt's milk. And my water.
My heart has fallen head over heels in love with our Charles and Ella. I am so thankful to be taking His lead and resetting my priorites. To slow down and take smaller steps. all the while holding smaller hands that will one day grow bigger. 
What delightful, beautiful, inside/out little people our ABBA has choosen to call me Grandma Deby.

Our ABBA knows what are the important parts of life.  To live as He has instructed, we are really alive.   
Take the time to smell your roses. Life goes way too fast. too soon. Promise.


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