Wednesday, April 13, 2016

"To LOVE As He" - 04/13/16 - I Samuel 18-20, Psalm 11, 59

"He loved David more than his own soul!" (1 Samuel 20:17)

 Paul tells us that he would give up his own soul, if it meant that the lost would be saved. 

That. is. LOVE.

When I think about giving up my own soul for another, there are names which come up immediately.  They are names of those who I am in love with.  They are not strangers, but a part of my life and my heart.  Two of them are partly made up of my genes. 

Without a doubt, without hesitation - I would give up my own soul for all of them. 

Thankfully, I know their souls already belong to our Abba. 

Jonathan loved David as I do these ones I instantly think of.   He was at a Y in the road and had to make a decision of whom to follow - his father or his brother, David.  Although David wasn't his blood brother, he was his brother in God.  Jonathan, took the road to walk with David towards our Abba.  He chose the road causing him to leave his earthly father, King Saul. In doing so, it also meant he was giving up being the heir to the throne. 

He did this for someone he loved and who loved him back.

Paul was offering his own soul for the lost.  Those who didn't know him, nor he them.  Total strangers.  He was so in love with our Abba, he wanted others to experience this true, Holy, and life changing gift.  The same gift that Jonathan chose. 

Jesus.  Our precious Savior. 

He gave up His life for me.  for you.  for us.  for those who nailed Him onto The Cross.  for those  who spit in His face.  for those who walked/walk away from Him.  for those who are vessels for satan. 

for those that are lost.

for all.

I am ashamed that I would hesitate.  I am thankful He is transforming my heart so I am seeing others through His eyes.  I am blessed  He is enabling me to love the unlovely.  To have sorrow and pray for them in love. 

But still, I would hesitate to give up my own soul for them. 

We are to strive to be Christlike - and I am striving.  I acknowledge my weaknesses and am turning them over to Him. 

But still. I am selfish.  

I so love my Daddy.  I so love being with Him.  I so, so love being His.  After being one of the lost, living in the world of sin, I can not express how much I love being of His world.  I am so thankful to be walking in His light, instead of the darkness anymore.  I so love being in the palm of His hand, crawling up into His lap at anytime, sharing life with Him.  Living for Him. 

I pray that He continues to grow my heart so I may love as He does. 

To love all others, more than my own soul.

That He takes from me the selfishness of my being His, so I may want others to be His even more.

All others.

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