Sunday, April 17, 2016

"Yes" - 04/17/16 - I Samuel 25-27

“Who will go down with me and enter Saul’s camp?”
Abishai whispered, “I’ll go with you.” (26:6)
"David took the spear and water jug that were right beside Saul’s head, and they slipped away. Not a soul saw. Not a soul knew. No one woke up! They all slept through the whole thing. A blanket of deep sleep from God had fallen on them." (I Samuel 26:12)

How often do you go into the enemy camp with the intent to be a Warrior for God? 

It is different when you walk in the enemy camp to take pleasures, sample the wares, even live there amongst the enemy.  And then the ways of the enemy become a part of you.  As the Israelites did, instead of destroying  the entire enemy. 

Sometimes, when I am reading David’s words, I am fearful of the power of his prayers to God in dealing with his enemies. 

Is there anyone in the world that I would want God to inflict all David requested?  There are some whom I can not have in my life, and I pray for them and reconciliation, but not to be destroyed.  The only things I pray for total destruction are satan and his demons to be - soon.   God is enabling me, through His Spirit, to love all.  I struggle with “liking” all, but am getting there in the love part! 
And it is only through Him I am able. 
How often do I temporally, intentionally put myself into the enemy camp for the sole purpose of grasping those there from the grip of evil?   How often am I more content to stay in my comfort zone and “pray” about it?  How often am I too busy for the Divine Appointments He has set up for me?  Or too selfish?  Or lazy? 

I am under His protection when I am living “in” His covenant.  He doesn’t send me into the enemy camp alone.  I am fortified, not only by Him, but also His family and His Armor.  Armor I have to put on each and every day. 

In Ephesians 6:10-18, the study of His Armor, His spear is His Word.  His Word is The defensive weapon He gives us to use.  Not muscle or might, but His Word. 

And when He asks,“Who will go down with me and enter the enemy camp to rescue lost souls”. May "yes" be my immediate reply.


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