Friday, July 15, 2005

Have you ever.............

read something, or heard something, that made your heart tear. that made you feel a physical tear inside, because of the sadness that it brought.

i haven't been able to blog as of late. hormones, too busy, too --- just blank. but, i still like to read.


sometimes what i read makes me sad - that there is so much anger, so much evil, so much yelck in this world. but then, God takes my hand and leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul.

He lead me to this site - - that I so enjoy being refreshed from. He lead me to a fellow sister, to someone who is so in love with Him that i am encouraged, in awe, thankful, taught, humbled. He lead me to a site that i have laughed until my eyes shed tears, that i have been made speechless, that i have read words that i still carry with me and ponder on many moons later. He lead me to a new friend.

even though we have yet to meet face to face, we have met heart to heart through Christ. even though our e-mails are few and far between, daily our thoughts and prayers lift each other up to Him. it has been through the Lord that i was able to feel connected to this precious sister. to be able to open up and vent, to just be me. and how she showered me with so much love. i am so blown away that she not only has opened up her home to me but even more so, her heart.

Valerie Suzanne, I will so miss the inspiration your words have given me. Please do not give up on that book.

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Casey Ann said...

It's killing me that she's not blogging any more. I'll definetly miss it.