Sunday, April 30, 2017

"ABBA's Miraclegrow" - 04/30/17 - Isaiah 5-8

"But there's a holy seed in those stumps." (6:13)

 I look out the window at our woods and see the new growth in places we have been clearing brush the past few years.  Even after continually cutting, spraying of the stumps, some of the honeysuckle and locust continue to show signs of life. 

Some time ago during church service, our worship leader shared how someone had asked him if he would ever turn away from God. When he replied, "no", they told him, "he had not went through his Job moment".

Curt and I were discussing this and each of us acknowledged we have went through our "Job moment/moments". Those times which we were cut down, sprayed with the intent to destroy, and still we persevered.

But only because of our ABBA.
Being connected to Him, His Holy Spirit continually grows us - no matter the "Job moments".

I look back now and see the sprouts which grew up amongst the debris of warfare in myself and so many others who walk in Him.
He has never, nor will ever, stop nurturing, pruning, shaping us into becoming whom He designed us to be. What the world walked away from and left as just a "stump" - our ABBA saw beauty in The Holy Seed within. 

How thankful and blessed we are in how He "grew" us from our "Job moments".
How blessed we are when our roots run deep in Him.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

"We. His Beautiful and Glorious Branch" - 04/29/17 - Isaiah 1-4


"In that day The Branch of The LORD will be beautiful and glorious,
and the fruit of the land will be the pride and glory of the survivors in Israel.

Those who are left in Zion,
who remain in Jerusalem,
will be called holy, all who are recorded among the living in Jerusalem.

The Lord will wash away the filth of the women of Zion;
He will cleanse the bloodstains from Jerusalem by a spirit of judgment and a spirit of fire.

Then The LORD
will create over all of Mount Zion and over those who assemble there
a cloud of smoke by day and a glow of flaming fire by night;
over everything the glory will be a canopy.

It will be a shelter and shade from the heat of the day,
and a refuge
and hiding place
from the storm and rain." (4:3-6)
Resting "in" Him. 
He is our Hope.  Always.  In all ways.

Friday, April 28, 2017

"His Spirit Lives Within Us" - 04/28/17 - 2 Kings 23-25

 "In the nineteenth year of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, on the seventh day of the fifth month, Nebuzaradan, the king of Babylon’s chief deputy, arrived in Jerusalem. He burned The Temple of God to the ground, went on to the royal palace, and then finished off the city—burned the whole place down. He put the Babylonian troops he had with him to work knocking down the city walls."(25:8-10)

 Some years ago, ABBA opened my eyes to an awareness about "stuff" while watching the show "Storage Wars".  It constantly amazed me how so many persons just walk away from, forget, or just don't care about "stuff". At first I thought they were foolish, but then ABBA helped me see things from another perspective.
"Storage Wars" is an eye opener to see how others will one day dig into - and I mean that literally - without any care about the sentimental value of our stuff. It has caused me to reevaluate what I am keeping and why.

Every once in awhile I will watch an episode of "Hoarders" and relate it to going to the doctor. It becomes my motivation to look about this place ABBA has blessed us with and rid it of more "stuff". There are still some things I am hanging onto, but only because of the sentimental meaning behind them. Things I am working on getting rid of because bottom line - they really aren't something I enjoy or would have purchased on my own. I am trying to live with less. Not only because of the freedom for myself, but the freedom the kids will enjoy not having to wade through and rid of "stuff" when I am gone.

In The Scriptures, the people placed such pride and their worth in the temple and within a short amount of time it was destroyed. Burned or carried away - totally dismantled. Today, I look about to see if I am allowing anything or anyone be what I place my worth, my pride into.

In Him, we are His Temple. The Holy Spirit resides within us.

The "shell" of us will one day return to the dust it came from, but the "soul" of us will be joining our ABBA. We are to be a good steward of this "shell" (in which I fail miserably at times), and keep it in order. Keep it filled with only things that honor our ABBA. Keep it clean. Keep it at the ready.

My daily "temple keeping" begins with His Living Word. I fill it within me, taking it into my heart and receiving nourishment from it throughout the day as I chew on it.

He is helping me to not get my worth out of "stuff" accumulated or even out of my work.

 He is growing me to not get my worth out of who I am, but "whose" I am.

"For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Christ brought us together through His death on The Cross. The Cross got us to embrace, and that was the end of the hostility. Christ came and preached peace to you outsiders and peace to us insiders. He treated us as equals, and so made us equals. Through Him we both share the same Spirit and have equal access to the Father.

That’s plain enough, isn’t it? You’re no longer wandering exiles.

This kingdom of faith is now your home country. You’re no longer strangers or outsiders. You belong here, with as much right to the name Christian as anyone.

God is building a home. He’s using us all—irrespective of how we got here—in what He is building. He used the apostles and prophets for the foundation. Now He’s using you, fitting you in brick by brick, stone by stone, with Christ Jesus as The Cornerstone that holds all the parts together.

We see it taking shape day after day—a holy temple built by God, all of us built into it, a temple in which God is quite at home."(Ephesians 2:10-22)

Thursday, April 27, 2017

"Our Footprints" - 04/27/17 - 2 Kings 20-22

He lived the way God wanted. He kept straight on the path blazed by his ancestor David, not one step to either left or right. (22:2)

With the process of aging comes the time of funerals.  It seems within the past years there have been too many times we have been standing in the line, watching pictures on a screen as we wait our turn to share a tear, a hug, a word of love and encouragement.
In many of these precious photos I have caught a glimpse of a man or woman of God living life. The candid shots are always my favorite.  Each one catches the silly side of each person.  The serious side.   The smiles with their loved ones.  The depth and passion they shared with others and for living life. 
 One of my favorites was of a couple taken just before his funeral, outside by a fence, their lips locked in an embrace.  Each time, in each line, I have prayed for Curt and I to have the same love, devotion, passion in the years to come. 
Even now as I remember, the memorials of pictures continue to touch my heart.

I am reminded in how His Love is shared through His family. Of the hope that prevails through the sadness in losing a brother or sister and knowing these precious souls are with our ABBA. I am so thankful when I see the fruits of persons of God every where I look. I rejoice for those who have the blessing in knowing what a Godly husband, wife, parent is. So many blessings and encouragement I have received from the many He has put into my life while living in this world of sin. My heart is held accountable upon seeing the many others coming to pay their respects at the visitations or funerals, in how we allow the busyness of life keep us from sharing time.

His Word spoke to me today. 
We are to be His Vessel.
 We are, through ABBA, to harvest many souls.
 Each person we encounter.
 Each person who is listening or watching from afar.
 We are to live each breath for Him.
For we are much like each of  the pictures on the different screens.

Someone is capturing us living life through the lens of their eyes, as they watch how we walk in our journey. 

 I pray we are all leaving footprints of "whose" we are - His.

 "Living "the way God wanted. Keeping straight on the path blazed by their ancestor David, not one step to either left or right."

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

"Make It A Grand Slam Homerun" - 04/26/17 - 2 Kings 18-19

"He held fast to God
 - never loosened his grip -
and obeyed to the letter everything God had commanded Moses.
 And God, for His part, held fast to Him through all his adventures." (18:6-7)
What a way to live life!
Holding fast onto our ABBA.  and He holds fast to us.
Throughout all of our adventures.
I love my life.  Even though sprinkled throughout with the "bad" moments, for the most part, my heart sings loudly. 
I continually strive to live my life looking at the glass half full.  I continually strive to focus on my innumerable blessings. I continually strive to see Him wherever I look. 
I love waking up each morning in anticipation to the Divine Appointments He has set before me.  I love the anticipation of adventures we will be experiencing together.
He has given me this one life. 
This one chance to live in this world. 
This one time of being all I can be for Him. 
This one opportunity of living each moment as His Warrior and making the most of what He has given me. 
It is my choice to squeeze all I can out of each and every moment. 
Or let them fly by without a glance.
Yes, there have and will be many "valleys" in my journey towards Home, but they only serve to help me appreciate the "mountaintops" I stand upon and look about. 
The valleys serve to build up my gifts and talents, my endurance. 
The valleys serve to give me time when I am totally depending on my ABBA to get me through.  For without Him - I can not progress forward.
It is through those valleys He has grown my faith and trust "in" Him.
And how I love holding fast to our ABBA.
How I love coming to this place of knowing without a doubt -  
And God, for His part, holds fast to me throughout the all of "our" adventures.
I am praying for all to make the most of their ride towards Home! 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

"Eternal Home" - 04/25/17 - 2 Kings 15-17

"devastating both the town and its suburbs because they didn't welcome him with open arms. He savagely ripped open all the pregnant women." (15:16)

Throughout the readings as of late, my heart is torn by the destruction and evil reigning throughout the chosen people of God. And all because they wanted a king - to be like the other nations. They insisted, even when warned and told what their future would be like, serving under a human king, rather than under God.

Be careful what you wish for.

Praying, wishing to become wealthy.
 Sometimes it happens through the inheritance or life insurance policy from the death of a loved one.
For the big house on the hill - and sometimes you become "house poor", not able to enjoy life.
To be thin -  and sometimes your body is robbed of any fat from cancer spreading throughout.

 It isn't wrong to share your heart with ABBA in regard to all aspects of life. He already knows your heart anyway! I am not saying He will allow "bad" to happen from desiring good things.  What is wrong is to take the "things" and make them your "king". He wants us to enjoy life and the blessings He rains down upon us. He commands they are not to become more important than He is.

 For 26 years we had tried to purchase a home. Many times we found "the perfect place" and something would happen to make it fall through. I was placing my worth in having a home, the American dream. 

ABBA allowed us to live in an old farm house for 16 years.  We set up an agreement with the landlord that we would one day be allowed to buy it. In the end, the landlord went back on their word and all the work, sweat, money we put into the place was for their benefit.  In the marvelous way He works, within a month we were blessed us with the home He has given us now. We were the only persons to look at it. He gave it to us under appraisal value.

Before this home, we were planning on building. A builder, plans, finances were all lined up, but we couldn't find land that fit into our budget. During this time of frustration, Curt reminded me of a sermon years ago Larry Smith preached regarding monkeys and coconuts. The monkeys will make a hole big enough for their hand to fit into, but too small to extract it when filled with the coconut meat. Because they refuse to let go of the meat, they will die of starvation.

Curt suggested perhaps I needed to let go of the dream of building, my "coconut meat".
And when I did, He gave us the whole coconut - this place we reside in.  Our temporary home..
I grew to knowing I had to have faith and peace in regard to His time, His way.

Whenever we drive by one of the "perfect places" we didn't get to buy, I lift up a prayer of thanksgiving. He has changed my heart to see it isn't about the house, or the place. It is how we see all He has given us as a blessing.  What we have or are, isn't our worth or to be our "king".

 It is only when we make Him my King over all, are we able to be content.

I have come to know, without a doubt, even if all blessings I have been given were to be stripped away from me. I am His.  Awaiting the day when He returns and takes His own HOME.  With Him.  Eternally.

I know our ABBA is THE KING.
 Our Home is with Him.
And me - I am His daughter - princess of The King.
Who happens to be living temporarily in this home we call "ABBA'S Coconut".

Monday, April 24, 2017

"For Eternity - He Will" - 04/24/17 - 2 Kings 12-14

"But God was gracious and showed mercy to them.
He stuck with them out of respect for his covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
He never gave up on them,
never even considered discarding them,
even to this day. (2 Kings 13:23)

Don't you love knowing our ABBA feels the same way about us. No matter what.
This is True LOVE.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

"Freedom Is Never Free" - 04/23/17 - 2 Kings 9-11

"You are to destroy the house of Ahab your master, and I will avenge the blood of my servants the prophets and the blood of all THE LORD's servants shed by Jezebel." (9:7)

How easy it would be to slip into a funk while reading these scriptures.  To focus on all the war, destruction, betrayal, death, falling away from our ABBA.

As easy as it would be to do the same, while reading of the events occurring in the world today.

I was thinking about how we must constantly be on guard in our walk with ABBA.  At times the way is so narrow and how easily we can slip, sliding right down into the pit of sin.  There are moments when the temptations are so overbearing, I feel I am walking toe to heel, just to stay on the path.  Even in the moments when the road seems wide and uneventful, we have to stay on guard to not focus on and serve "self".  ("No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, He will also provide a way out so that you can endure it." - 1 Corinthians 10:13) 

Thankfully, I know the end of the "story". 

It is there I place my attention so as not to become overwhelmed by the "bad".  I know our ABBA has won this war and is only allowing the battles to continue in hopes for more souls.  More souls to make the choice to follow Him.  Souls to go and make disciples for Him. 
There are moments I am so aware He could have placed me in any place, in any year, to live this life.  How thankful I am ABBA has placed me in the USA - today. All the wars recorded in the passages have caused me to be aware - again -  of the blessings we have in our freedoms.

Freedom which has come and continues to be at the cost of much blood, sweat, tears, sacrifices, from those who have and are, serving our country.

For those men and women, their families, I am so grateful. 
For the freedom in living in the USA. 
For all persons I am praying they will know The Eternal Freedom which comes from living in our ABBA
The Eternal Freedom we receive at the cost of our Savior. 
No greater LOVE.
No greater Freedom.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

"Living Fearless" - 04/22/17 - 2 Kings 5-8

"He said, "Don't worry about it - there are more on our side than on their side."
Then Elisha prayed, "O God, open his eyes and let him see."
The eyes of the young man were opened and he saw.
A wonder!
The whole mountainside full of horses and chariots of fire surrounding Elisha! (6:16-17)

 This is one of my favorite accounts in Scripture.

I love how ABBA shows and promises us we are never alone.  How He has us completely surrounded with His army at all times in all events.

 I love knowing, even though while in the midst of a spiritual battle, He is in complete control and I am on the winning side of our ABBA.

I pray for the eyes of those in Him to be opened and remember His promises during the battles.
For us to stay focused on the fact our Savior has won the war and never lose The Hope.
That we will keep our eyes on the prize as we march forward.
To never forget when in Heaven, we shall have no more battles.
Only celebration. With our ABBA.  Eternally. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

"Intently Watching Him" - 04/21/17 - 2 Kings 1-4

"Your life repeated in my life. I want to be a holy man just like you." "That's a hard one!" said Elijah. "But if you're watching when I'm taken from you, you'll get what you've asked for. But only if you're watching." And so it happened. " (2:9-11)

How I desire for the all of me to become Christlike.
How I beg ABBA to transform my heart so I am not seen,
but He is.

Each day I pray -
Less of me to be more of Him. Break my heart for what breaks His.

Three times Elisha said, "Not on your life! I'm not letting you out of my sight!" (2:2)

Do we have this same commitment, this same drive, this same desire as Elisha?
 Or do we let ourselves take focus off of our Christ and look elsewhere?
 Do we allow "self".   or someone.   or something else.   become our Love Idol?

It is only by watching Christ with all we are that we are able to become like Him.
Anything.  Any Thing.   
Anything else we absorb into ourselves will filter through to our fruits.
I am humbled knowing when we who are His do fail, His grace and mercy covers us.  We are Forgiven.
The Holy Spirit, His Word, refortify and transform us. We are Redeemed through The Blood of our Savior..
All of us are made in His image.  
It is only by watching and working "in"Him  are we then able to be rid of the extras we have chosen to add into His image. Extras which detract from whom He has made us to be.   
As Elisha with Elijah - we need to live, not letting our ABBA out of our sight.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

"His Overpowering Peace" - 04/20/17 - 1 Kings 21-22

"They enjoyed three years of peace"(I Kings 22:1)
I was having a hard time being torn between watching the road and looking at the sky as I traveled over the highway this late afternoon.  The blue expanse stretched out as far as I could see, big fluffy clouds danced across in front of me.  He had kept me completely surrounded by those whom I love and love me, but knew also this was something else I needed after the afternoon spent.  Another reminder that our ABBA is bigger.  Our ABBA is in complete control.  Our ABBA has us covered. 
I can remember last year the heat hitting my body as I stepped outside through our kitchen door.  I had noticed the apricot colored sky from the living room window and decided to walk out of our little valley to check out the sunset.  As I continued down the road a bit, I was left breathless by the colors our ABBA had splashed across the sky.  The clouds spread out in just the right places.  Our ABBA never disappoints, when I stop to look at all of His artwork throughout this world. 
The passing cars under the overpass broke the stillness surrounding me.  It was so peaceful out that evening.  Drops of water from the brief shower clung to the grasses along the road.  I thought today while watching the sky, as I do so often, about how blessed my life is.  How full my heart is.  I often think about how I love having the peace that surpasses all understanding within and about me. 

 So often He lifts my soul by the beauty of His paintbrush so I may again place my focus upon Him and know what is important.  Truly important.
How thankful I am He has created me with the awareness of His people, His nature and the sense to stop and see Him every where I look.  How much I delight in just watching people.  Made in His image. How much I delight in seeing the blue skies with white clouds running after each other. The leaves dancing in delight to the music of His wind. 
 And His colors!
The different shades of eyes, skin.  The way the body moves and the gifts and talents He gives each one of us.   The different shades of greens throughout the woods with a pop of color from His flowers. His shadows creating depth.
 I so love the time when I am still and know He is - my "I AM". 
Our Beautiful ABBA. 
I so thank Him for The Fruits of The Holy Spirit, "love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control".  (Galatians 5:22-23)
I so thank Him how nothing of this world can take these Fruits from we who are His - they are ours to cherish and allow us to surpass any and all situations.
I so thank Him knowing these moments of total peace are not just moments.
For "in" Him,  they are eternal.
*Sunset photo by my little sis, Teresa Jones DeWitt.

"Belonging In His Family of Strength" - 04/20/17 - 1 Kings 18-20

"Go, strengthen yourself and observe and see what you have to do" (20:22)

In the scripture given to me today, I recognize how often ABBA has given me so many others to help strengthen me along with His Word in my intimate relationship with Him.  Often times while out,  I will cross paths with my  "siblings".  With each bright eyed greeting, hug, and catch up conversations, I came away "strengthened" and reinforced in how much He loves me through others.

I look around and see how He showers me continually with love from others.  His "showers" give me emotional, spiritual, and even physical nourishment needed for walking in this journey.

All of us in Christ have been commissioned to "go and make disciples".  It is the toughest job we will ever do.  A job for which we must strengthen ourselves and be prepared.  Always being at the ready for The Divine Appointments He continually sets up for us.

Our ABBA didn't design us to be alone during our walk.  We all need help from His family to strengthen "us" in our spiritual, emotional, and physical walk.   He provides His family for all of "us" to draw strength from Him through. I continually pray He is using me as His vessel to help strengthen others as well. 

For I have come to know, without doubt, there is strength in numbers. 
And I love being one of His "numbers". 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

"True Delightment" - 04/18/17 - 1 Kings 15-17

"And his heart took delight in the ways of The Lord." (2 Chronicles 17:6)

There are moments when His ways don't make sense.  When the results of our choices bring about consequences causing only pain.  There are moments when it seems the darkness about us will completely swallow us whole.

There are moments when we pick up doubt and feel He isn't "I AM".  Those are moments we need to remember, it isn't His intention to destroy us, it is His intention to save us.

Why else would He sacrifice His only Son for us.

From the mouths of some I have heard our God must not be a loving God to allow the bad to happen in our journeys here on earth.  I feel we have no idea how "bad" things could be, if it wasn't for His intervention.  His protection.

Those are the times we need to stand firm "in" Him.  Those are the times we need to have faith in His ways.  For only He knows the whole paradigm.

I have lived a life without Him and am amazed I stumbled through the valleys of quicksand and tar pits trying to suck me down into the belly of hell.  I know now looking back, I survived only because of His great Love. 

There are moments when it is quite easy to rejoice and delight in His ways.  To celebrate the answers of prayers when the blessings feel as though they will drown us.  Yesterday, after many prayers we were blessed with the early gifts of Brynlee and Malia Zimmerman.  (both they and their mama Natalie are doing super.)

Those are the times we need to tuck away into our hearts to gain strength from.  Those are the times we need to utilize in getting through those not so great moments. 

How thankful I am knowing, without doubt, as the storms of life swirl about me
each and every moment.  Not one is left to "chance".  Our ABBA is in complete control.
No matter the outcome.

 Our lives here aren't what He intended when He created the world and "us".  Throughout all of The Scripture, we read how He gave "us", yet another opportunity.  The Garden of Eden was a place without sin, until both Adam and Eve made the choice to disobey.  How easily The Lord could have destroyed them then.  But He gave "us", yet another opportunity.  He gave "us", yet another opportunity, in having Noah build an ark and be in it.  Over and over, throughout His Word, we read accounts in which He has given "us" yet another opportunity.

He gave "us", yet another opportunity, through the death and resurrection of our Savior.

Through our Savior we are given the gift of Grace and Mercy.  This doesn't mean we have the freedom to blatantly sin, it means we are covered when we do.  And we will. 

We are all given the free choice to obey or not obey His Will.  To accept or not accept the gift of His Son.  Freedom to be His or not to be His. 

As long as there is breath within us, as long as it is before the final days, we have been given, yet another opportunity.  An opportunity to be redeemed from when we have "provoked The LORD to anger."  (I Kings 15:30)
An opportunity I pray all will take before they can't.  Delighting to be His as He delights in being yours.  Bringing about "true delightment in the ways of The Lord."


Monday, April 17, 2017

"Our Bestest Friend, Our ABBA" - 04/17/17 - 1 Kings 12-14

"Please entreat the LORD your God, and pray for me" (13:6)

Just as the Queen of Sheba asked Solomon to speak to "his" God for her, king Jeroboam missed the boat as well when asking the man of God from Judah, "Please entreat the LORD your God, and pray for me".

I will never return back to the life in which I didn't communicate with our ABBA on a daily, moment to moment, way of living.  I will never return back to that place where He wasn't my "bestest friend". 


Because living with Him as I do now offers so much more.

I am still smiling when thinking about two pairs of little hands holding mine, hugs, smiles, conversations, shared with Adam, Ashley, Charles, and Ella yesterday, as we celebrated Easter together.  Although missing our Nichalas and Amber, I know they are being used as His vessels where they are. 
Today is the day our Nichalas and Amber embark on an adventure they have been working towards for the last three years.  Sometime this morning they will take their first steps in covering the Pacific Crest Trail beginning on the Mexican border near Campo, CA and planning to finish near the end of September in Manning Park, Canada.
It makes me smile knowing our ABBA is sharing in the delight and joy of  the next adventures for my family.   It brings much comfort and blesses my heart knowing He is with each of them every step they take and so looks forward to the memories they will be making together.  I love how He is also their "bestest friend" as well. 
As a mom, I can't imagine going to another and asking them to pray to "their God" because I felt I couldn't.  To not have the comfort and peace lifting each of them and others I love up to our ABBA. 
Asking that they will be used for Him and His glory.  It's a prayer of Faith, for I know not how they will be used.  It's a prayer of Trust, for I would rather be sharing daily living with everyone instead of a few days here and there.

Each and every day I communicate with our ABBA.  I share my heart.  my joys.  my concerns.  my fears.  I delight in sharing with Him.  I know - without doubt - He so desires all of me to be His.  I know - without doubt - He is always there waiting eagerly for me to share "me" with Him. 

We can't comprehend the full extent of The Gift He has given us in being able to go before Him and be with Him.  To have The Creator of all, The Holy Spirit,  living within us through the gift of our Savior. 

What a thought.  Knowing our ABBA, THE LORD of Lord's is waiting.  is watching.  is sharing.  is delighting.  is totally - head over heels in love with each of us.  Each of us.

He wants only to be "our" ABBA.  "our" bestest friend.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

"Our ABBA" - 04/16/17 - 1 Kings 10-11

"Praise be to The LORD, your God, who has delighted in you" (I Kings 10:9)

Although the Queen of Sheba gave praise to The Lord in this verse, the language of politeness in the ancient world does not necessarily suggest she was converted.  It was a custom for visiting dignitaries to customarily praise the god of the host nation. 

It could be after listening to all The Wisdom Solomon shared, the Queen of Sheba, - she missed it. 
That she didn't get it.

This weekend has been an annual time of remembering, beginning with Good Friday when our ABBA gave His only Son to die on The Cross for all sin.  So we can enter into The Covenant through our Savior and spend eternity with our ABBA.  Today, Easter Sunday, we rejoice and celebrate our Savior overcoming the grave and death.  Our ABBA, our Savior, both showing what LOVE really is all about.  I am praying those who have heard of The Greatest Love, for them to get it.  So they may know a true intimacy with our ABBA. 

I am reminded in Scripture there are many different names used to describe God. While all the names of God are important in many ways, the name “Abba Father” is one of the most significant names of God in understanding how He relates to people. The word ABBA is an Aramaic word that would most closely be translated as “Daddy.” It was a common term the young children would use to address their fathers. It signifies the close, intimate relationship our ABBA intended between a father to his child, as well as the childlike trust that a young child should be able to put in their “daddy.”

It is such a blessing to know when talking about ABBA - you KNOW - without doubt -

He is.
Your God. 

"Your" God. 

Up close and personal.  Not distant and superficial.

"Your" ABBA.  "Your" Daddy.
And in Christ, "you" are His.
What a beautiful way to celebrate "Easter" each and every day.