Thursday, April 20, 2017

"His Overpowering Peace" - 04/20/17 - 1 Kings 21-22

"They enjoyed three years of peace"(I Kings 22:1)
I was having a hard time being torn between watching the road and looking at the sky as I traveled over the highway this late afternoon.  The blue expanse stretched out as far as I could see, big fluffy clouds danced across in front of me.  He had kept me completely surrounded by those whom I love and love me, but knew also this was something else I needed after the afternoon spent.  Another reminder that our ABBA is bigger.  Our ABBA is in complete control.  Our ABBA has us covered. 
I can remember last year the heat hitting my body as I stepped outside through our kitchen door.  I had noticed the apricot colored sky from the living room window and decided to walk out of our little valley to check out the sunset.  As I continued down the road a bit, I was left breathless by the colors our ABBA had splashed across the sky.  The clouds spread out in just the right places.  Our ABBA never disappoints, when I stop to look at all of His artwork throughout this world. 
The passing cars under the overpass broke the stillness surrounding me.  It was so peaceful out that evening.  Drops of water from the brief shower clung to the grasses along the road.  I thought today while watching the sky, as I do so often, about how blessed my life is.  How full my heart is.  I often think about how I love having the peace that surpasses all understanding within and about me. 

 So often He lifts my soul by the beauty of His paintbrush so I may again place my focus upon Him and know what is important.  Truly important.
How thankful I am He has created me with the awareness of His people, His nature and the sense to stop and see Him every where I look.  How much I delight in just watching people.  Made in His image. How much I delight in seeing the blue skies with white clouds running after each other. The leaves dancing in delight to the music of His wind. 
 And His colors!
The different shades of eyes, skin.  The way the body moves and the gifts and talents He gives each one of us.   The different shades of greens throughout the woods with a pop of color from His flowers. His shadows creating depth.
 I so love the time when I am still and know He is - my "I AM". 
Our Beautiful ABBA. 
I so thank Him for The Fruits of The Holy Spirit, "love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control".  (Galatians 5:22-23)
I so thank Him how nothing of this world can take these Fruits from we who are His - they are ours to cherish and allow us to surpass any and all situations.
I so thank Him knowing these moments of total peace are not just moments.
For "in" Him,  they are eternal.
*Sunset photo by my little sis, Teresa Jones DeWitt.

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