Monday, April 10, 2017

"Through His Eyes" - 04/10/17 - 2 Samuel 19-21

"The woman told Joab, “Sounds good. His head will be tossed to you from the wall.”  The woman presented her strategy to the whole city and they did it: They cut off the head of Sheba son of Bicri and tossed it down to Joab."  (20:21,22)

This world and people are so far removed from the Garden of Eden - our ABBA's  original plan before sin was chosen.

There is so much tolerance today – of what seems "normal", therefore, we become numb to the hugeness of sin,  the destruction.  How it becomes nothing to "cut off someone’s head".  How much we have dehumanized people with the act of abortions, how we treat the elderly, homeless, those who are different.  It isn't only during the act of wars this has happened.  Throughout time, man has chosen to take persons and cast them aside as you would garbage. 
"Each" one of us are made in His image. 
His treasure. 
His desire.   
"Each" one of us.
 The standards we tend to live by are not His, but our own, and often double standards at that.  Constantly changing as we judge, condemn, and even kill, because someone is not living as we deem they "should" be. 
His pure Love is not what most persons are looking through - it is self-love.  It is self-adoration.

Throughout history there have been times when people such as this are given much power and I wonder why.  However did they arrive at the station of where they are at.  

These destroyers are self-righteous, deciding who is a treasure,  who has a worth, even who is worthy of forgiveness, with no regard to God and His ways.  No fear for His punishment.  

How far away so many people have went from Him.

The state of so many people today are cutting off their own heads and tossing them before satan.  
Committing suicide to stand with the side of sin.
Dehumanizing because "they" believe they are god.

And He tells my heart, "Deby, you must watch you do not dehumanize the dehumanizers -  becoming like the world".

I must continually watch that I don't forget. 

"Each" of us is made in His image. 
"Each" of us He desires to be His.
"Each" of us are a precious soul He created.

We must continually be praying 
our heart breaks for what breaks His. 

We must continually be looking
at "each" of us through His eyes.

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