Monday, November 16, 2009

grown ups

our sons.

Curt, Deby, Adam and Nichalas - Amber had to leave for work on our way back to the apartment.

Amber and Nichalas after graduation.

Curt and I have been visiting them these past few days in Chicago. God has blessed us with perfect winter weather - at times we were walking with our coats unzipped and a little warm. I drug them through over 100 acres of Graceland Cemetary - full of history - beauty and solitude within the business of the city. So much money spent upon the dead - the talent and craftsmanship so beautiful. We have hit Aldi's and loaded them up on groceries. The things we do that make us feel needed - even when they are capable of purchasing their own food. Eating at Square - where Nichalas worked and receiving a $20 ticket for what should have been for over $80 in food and drinks. What an honor and blessing for us to see how well received and respected our sons are.

Sitting in the Navy recruiter office and discussing the next eight years of Adam's life. He has prayed and prayed about this. He is excited. He has tested well and is line for some very good jobs. Just watching him as he navigates about the city, meeting with people. bittersweet - as he sat there a grown man getting ready to serve our country - I saw the little blond, curly headed boy that could only bounce, skip looking back at me with those huge blue eyes, laughing out loud as he discovered another wow in life.

Nichalas became "Chef Nichalas Holtschlag" this Sunday - promptly at noon. Out of 300 students he was the tallest and walked in with one of the shortest girls. When placing his chef's hat upon his head, he was asked to lean down (way down), and when he straightened up the tip of his hat would have hit the 7ft mark. bittersweet. as he stood there a grown man - i still saw the little boy that used to hold onto my little finger as we walked and talked.

As I was walking with them today, I was thinking how much I would love a do over for all the mistakes, to drink in and not waste a moment of time with them. And God whispered - I give you a "do over" each and every moment. It is a time that hasn't been spent, so spend it wisely."

Life is good - Thank you my precious Daddy. How I love you.