Thursday, February 27, 2014

"At the Ready" - 02/27/14 - Numbers 8-10

They camped at God's command and they marched at God's command. They lived obediently by God's orders as delivered by Moses. (9:23)

Right now, I am laying on the bed and Curt is sitting in a chair at the foot.  We are both reading His Word to begin our day.  The space we are in is a small 8 x 10 KOA cabin, containing a full sized bed, bunk beds, small desk, bookshelf, night stand, heater, air conditioner, couple of lamps.  Last night we were imagining living in this tight of space.  Could we do it?  We are so accustomed to space.  Of having more than enough.  Of being comfortable. 

Camping Cabins

The Israelites were living in tents.  All of their possessions with them.  They were also living in a state of being "at the ready".  Not ever knowing how long God would have them stay in an area.  There may have been times when they were just starting to "feel at home", and then the bugles would sound and packing up would begin.  They probably were living as a family in an area this small or smaller.

Our trip has caused me to ponder on if I am living "at the ready" or am I settled in with the blessings He rains down upon me.  Am I listening for His bugle to sound?  Is my whole being caught up in listening, watching His lead or am I distracted by this world.  This world, like the desert the Israelites journeyed through to the Promised Land. 

I am not thinking so much about the physical aspect of my life, but the spiritual.  Am I listening for His bugle or am I complacent in the desert of this world and its routine. 

Just wondering and praying - am I living life in the desert on my way to Heaven or am I setting down roots? 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"Dwelling" - 02/26/14 - Numbers 7

When Moses finished setting up The Dwelling, he anointed it and consecrated it along with all that went with it. At the same time he anointed and consecrated the Altar and its accessories.(7:1)

The last glimpse of two parts of my heart, walking on the path to their car, is captured in my heart.  I sit and listen to the mournful call of the mourning dove outside the window, as I glean from His Word. The sun beginning to peek above the rooftops.  Our journey homeward begins today.  Knowing Adam is there, somewhat eases the pain of leaving Nichalas/Amber.  How the heart can be torn while loving so many.  Being here with the kids.  Their home.  Four walls - a floor plan identical to those units surrounding them.  A complex with walls and gates providing them with some security from those who wish to cause harm.  Children's voices intermingled with the sounds of traffic, barking dogs in a distance, as they play in the grassy courtyard below.  These past two weeks have given us a taste of Heaven, for our ABBA is the center.  He is their foundation, He and His Word lives with them within their hearts, their souls, their minds.  What a comfort knowing wherever they place their feet to dwell, He is with them.  They follow His lead and look forward to Divine Appointments.  No greater blessing than knowing the pieces of our hearts are held in the palm of His Hand.  Eternally.God holds us in the palm of His hand!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

"Unclean! Unclean!" 02/16/14 - Lev 11-13

must wear torn clothes, leave his hair loose and unbrushed, cover his upper lip, and cry out, 'Unclean! Unclean!'  As long as anyone has the sores, that one continues to be ritually unclean. That person must live alone; he or she must live outside the camp. (13:45-46)

Throughout these Scriptures, God is adamant about the Laws He is handing down regarding being clean versus unclean.  From the kinds of animals they would digest as food, to the different types of skin diseases. 

At times while reading His Word, it is so easy for my mind to glaze over and my eyes begin to rapidly skim over His Words.  How my attention span is short and easily distracted, either from the goings on around me or inside my mind.  I pray each time before digging into His Word that all of my senses will be open to what He wants me to harvest in that day.  Leviticus is challenging to say the least! 

But this morning, He kept bringing into my heart "Unclean! Unclean!". 

If He hadn't established laws, the infections would have run rapid throughout the people.  They were living in close proximity, there wasn't a water treatment plant, indoor plumbing, a hospital to check into, etc.  His laws were not only about obedience, but also about maintaining a healthy people. 

Physically, mentally and spiritually.

These laws were also a way to keep their focus on ABBA.  "Be holy because I am holy." (11:45) 

It is through the reading of all the laws, the sacrifices, I am again so blessed and thankful for my Savior.  It is only through Him I am made Holy. 

"I" can't do it.   

Even if I were to follow each and every law written, I wouldn't be Holy.  My lifestyle may be, but not my soul.  Only through His Sacrifice and my being "in" Christ, does He see me as Holy.  

I am head over heels in love with my ABBA.  Knowing that I am His child, one He draws close.  One who sits in His lap. 

From “Kyrie” to “Eucharist” |

One who does not have to live outside of Him crying, "Unclean!  Unclean!"

Saturday, February 01, 2014

"at ME" - 02/01/14 - Exodus 7-9

God told Moses, "Look at me" (7:1)

He gives me the word picture of His hand guiding my face back to His.  Keeping me from becoming distracted, drawn away - from Him. 

There are times, I am as a child.  My attention going here and there, a little ADD going on......I will get sidetracked and take off on my own adventure.  How thankful I am that my ABBA is the ever present, ever loving Daddy that He is.  Hind site enables me to see the many dangerous steps I could have taken, if not for Him.

Then there are times when I am nothing more than ugly.  When I am purposely choosing to not look at Him.  Either because of pride, selfishness, lazy, arrogance - just all out, in your face, defiance.  Freely choosing, looking, serving, worshiping,  "me"  in the mirror, as my top priority.  

And as I gaze into the mirror, the reflection becomes so ugly, I have to turn away.  When I am a reflection of "myself", it is looking into the darkness and ugliness of the abyss of sin.  So ugly, that even "rose colored glasses" can't change the truth of the reflection of "me".

It is then, when I look away from "me", there He is.  Telling me, calling to me, unconditionally loving me, covering my ugliness in grace, mercy, forgiveness.

Look at "ME", is His desire.

The transformation is astonishing.  For when my eyes are totally focused on Him, He is who I reflect.  He is who makes "me" less and Him more. 

And then, His beauty is reflected.