Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In the middle of the games - 07/31/12 - Jeremiah 5:260-:30, 2 Kings 22:3-20, 2 Chronicles 34:8-28

"I've just found the Book of God's Revelation, instructing us in God's way—found it in The Temple!" (2 Chronicles 34:15) 

I am so thankful that I have not let His Word fall by the wayside - that it is not "lost" from my life.  How ironic that they found it hiding in plain site.  How often am I as guilty.  That I don't take His Word, even though I read it daily, to heart.  That I put it aside and it gets "lost" in the jumble of life.

These past few months have been rather hard to endure - to say the least.  Bittersweet events that have pulled and tugged at my heart and mind. Persons who are a part of my life, shaking up the "apple cart". 

There have been things going on that I have been taking personal and not recognizing that they are part of the spiritual warfare that is going on around me.  Curt and I are very blessed to have a family unit that is of God.  That has a foundation "in" and "on" Him - satan isn't happy with that at all.  His Word has finally sunk in to help me see how satan is attacking - and we need to be praying for  a hedge of protection.  That satan is using close outside forces. 

The neatest thing about all of this - Our God is so much bigger than satan and his games.  We are on the winning side.  satan may have "won" past  battles, but not the war.  Curt and I are standing firm "In" His Word.  We have His promises - His love - His army fighting for/with us.

What a burden lifted to see things from the spiritual sense.  To know that "I" don't have to be the one.  All I am required to do is be Christlike.  I am trying.  And how His Word is helping me.

I have to continue to love those to Him who satan tries to steal away. 

They are ours - part of His family.

And I won't let satan snatch them away without a fight.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Stepping stones - ‎07/28/12 - Isaiah 63:15 - 66:24, 2 Kings 20:20,21, 2 Chronicles 32:32-33

"So will your children
and your reputation stand firm." (Isaiah 66:23)

Do you ever wonder what people think about you?  Not in a way that consumes you - causes you to live your life as someone else "thinks" you should, but your reputation? 

When I was younger, I wasn't a Christian and I lived the way of the world.  Coming from a small town - everyone pretty much knew your business.  If they didn't, they made it up and said they knew....One of the reasons I enjoy Quincy, big enough that you don't know everyone - small enough to feel homey. 

My past has sometimes caused me to squirm in discomfort, embarrassment, etc. when I run across someone from my yesterdays.  I imagine that there are a few eyebrows raised when persons find out that I walk with Him.  My past used to cause me to avoid certain places, afraid I'd see someone that knew.  Because of Him - today - I really don't care. 

I found a number of years ago that He has a marvelous way of using my "stumbling blocks" as His "stepping stones".  Because of my past life, He has used me to work with kids that are going through the same choices.  I am able to have empathy toward situations they find themselves in and not be judgmental.

I also am able to know first hand about "second chances" that become too numerous to count.

I am so thankful for His grace and mercy.

He has also taken my life and turned it around to produce "good fruits".  Our sons both walk In and with Him.  There is nothing more important than that to me - to know - really know - their souls are in the palm of His hand.  To know - really know - if they were to die right now, they are with Him....eternally.  I love the promise of this scripture - that not only my reputation will stand firm - so shall they. 

The world is such an evil place.  Tolerance is making so many sins "normal" and we tend to accept that instead of standing firm In His Word.  I am thankful that the measuring stick our sons more often than not use - is His Word.  I am thankful that God urged me from the first moments of being their mom to feed them with His Word.  They may not read it everyday - but it is a part of their life, their makeup - their foundation.

A foundation to stand firm in. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Yesterdays - 07/17/12 - Isaiah 24:1-27:13, 29:1-24

"For he's going to see his children,
my personal gift to him—lots of children.
And these children will honor me
by living holy lives."(29:23)

 today is the first day of Adam being gone.  My heart is aching, my eyes keep overflowing with tears and at times sobs escape from within me.  I so hate having our sons so far away.  I so hate the idea that we will not see them again until Christmas - almost six months away.  Throughout all of this I am trying to "look at the blessings" and it is hard.  My head knows that this is life, that they are doing well, that He is using them. 

It is my heart and selfishness that are being a bit of a problem.

I find myself yearning for what can not be.  For yesterdays to become today - to start all over and it can't. 

Time only moves one way - forward.

Throughout the verses today, I found ones that spoke to me and then came across this at the end.  I know and am so thankful that our sons are my own personal gift from Him.  It is with great relief that I know they are living holy lives, walking with Him.  This is the bright spot.

So, I put one foot in front of the other and move forward with time.  I will wash the sheets, remake the beds, trying not to cry - knowing they won't be slept in for a number of nights.  I will look about the home and see signs of them being here, pictures of little boys who are now grown men.

Smiles for my tears.