Wednesday, August 16, 2006


In the past few weeks while mowing, I noticed the corn was beginning to turn. During that time there are fields that are completely turned and looking ready for harvest. I have found over the years that I catch myself watching the bottom of the stalks, waiting for the beginning of the end to signal. The end of summer. And I have to catch myself from falling into a sadness upon seeing the brown inch its way up the green stalk. It isn't that I mind fall or winter and I do delight in spring. It's just that I LOVE summer. The terrible heat, humidity, relentless sunshine, big white clouds, thunderstorms, cool breezes that brush your skin like a kiss from God, warm rain falling upon you, green, green grass of home, trees waving in the wind or standing still providing shade and coolness.

It just doesn't seem possible that summer 2006 is near completion. I accidentally typed 2016 the other day and realized God-willing, I will see that summer too. Back in the 70's that sounded so far away and now the 70's seem so far away. I guess why I really find myself in sudden sadness is all goes too fast too soon. Am I squeezing all I can out of life? Am I enjoying His many blessings? Do I live for the moment? Are you?

As I mow, I often think of the persons in my life. I smile when I think with the touch of a keyboard so many came into it through blogsville. Praying for some I have never met, may never meet, and those I do know. Reading of their lives and thankful for the bright spots. Funny how God intertwines us. How He takes this great big world and makes it small.

I am glad He is in control.