Thursday, April 26, 2007

After three years

of having problems, of being nagged at, of being reminded that his father died in his 60's from colon cancer - Curt finally had a colonoscopy done. They ended up removing three polyps, doing a biopsy on some tissue and has internal hemorrhoids. (I found out everyone has these - some persons just swell up.)

He told me that he did not experience any pain. After being wheeled back, rolling over, lifting up so they could put something under him, the last thing he said he remembered was the doctor's hand on his butt.

I asked him if he fell asleep with a smile.

"It was a very different funeral

and very nice". My mom was telling me about her day yesterday. They did not have a service at the church or funeral home. There was a large tent set up at the cemetery. Inside they had a small table with photos, etc. and rows of chairs. The minister gave a very nice sermon and then............................................

"they buried the URINE in the grave".

I'm wondering what they did with the urn.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pennies from Heaven

This past Monday it hit me again. Those feelings deep within - a little bit of fear, anxiety, a lot of loneliness wrapped up into a touch of sadness. A repeat of how I feel whenever Curt has left on his work schedule. I don't know if these feelings are more pronounced since I am working alone most of the time or what.

As I am driving or mowing, I find comfort listening and talking with my Father. He reminds me with Scripture that He is here.

And then He gave me His special touch.

For some reason I have always associated pennies with blessings. In the world of money they have lost their value and are often overlooked, cast aside, kept away in a jar, somewhere that shows they haven't a great importance. As I sometimes find myself doing with blessings, unless they are quite big.

It is quite often as I am weed eating I find a penny laying there on the ground and I am reminded of His many blessing. This particular day, each sight I went to - I found a penny laying on the ground.

On Tuesday I was about my day, thinking about how I had felt the day before and how He had lifted me up. Thanking Him for this, I laughingly asked Him if I'd be getting anymore pennies.

Job done, putting up the weed eater in the spot it had came from on my truck, I happened to look down..............

there on the ground by my foot lay a bright, new, shinny penny (the only one I found that day).

I could not stop smiling - in my heart or on my face the rest of the day ---------- and even now.