Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pennies from Heaven

This past Monday it hit me again. Those feelings deep within - a little bit of fear, anxiety, a lot of loneliness wrapped up into a touch of sadness. A repeat of how I feel whenever Curt has left on his work schedule. I don't know if these feelings are more pronounced since I am working alone most of the time or what.

As I am driving or mowing, I find comfort listening and talking with my Father. He reminds me with Scripture that He is here.

And then He gave me His special touch.

For some reason I have always associated pennies with blessings. In the world of money they have lost their value and are often overlooked, cast aside, kept away in a jar, somewhere that shows they haven't a great importance. As I sometimes find myself doing with blessings, unless they are quite big.

It is quite often as I am weed eating I find a penny laying there on the ground and I am reminded of His many blessing. This particular day, each sight I went to - I found a penny laying on the ground.

On Tuesday I was about my day, thinking about how I had felt the day before and how He had lifted me up. Thanking Him for this, I laughingly asked Him if I'd be getting anymore pennies.

Job done, putting up the weed eater in the spot it had came from on my truck, I happened to look down..............

there on the ground by my foot lay a bright, new, shinny penny (the only one I found that day).

I could not stop smiling - in my heart or on my face the rest of the day ---------- and even now.

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Valerie Dykstra said...

What a great analogy. I think it will forever change the way I think of pennies. From now on I'm going to purposefully think of your lesson. I'll remember you and I'll thank God for His little blessings. Thanks.