Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"Dwelling" - 02/26/14 - Numbers 7

When Moses finished setting up The Dwelling, he anointed it and consecrated it along with all that went with it. At the same time he anointed and consecrated the Altar and its accessories.(7:1)

The last glimpse of two parts of my heart, walking on the path to their car, is captured in my heart.  I sit and listen to the mournful call of the mourning dove outside the window, as I glean from His Word. The sun beginning to peek above the rooftops.  Our journey homeward begins today.  Knowing Adam is there, somewhat eases the pain of leaving Nichalas/Amber.  How the heart can be torn while loving so many.  Being here with the kids.  Their home.  Four walls - a floor plan identical to those units surrounding them.  A complex with walls and gates providing them with some security from those who wish to cause harm.  Children's voices intermingled with the sounds of traffic, barking dogs in a distance, as they play in the grassy courtyard below.  These past two weeks have given us a taste of Heaven, for our ABBA is the center.  He is their foundation, He and His Word lives with them within their hearts, their souls, their minds.  What a comfort knowing wherever they place their feet to dwell, He is with them.  They follow His lead and look forward to Divine Appointments.  No greater blessing than knowing the pieces of our hearts are held in the palm of His Hand.  Eternally.God holds us in the palm of His hand!

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