Friday, April 21, 2017

"Intently Watching Him" - 04/21/17 - 2 Kings 1-4

"Your life repeated in my life. I want to be a holy man just like you." "That's a hard one!" said Elijah. "But if you're watching when I'm taken from you, you'll get what you've asked for. But only if you're watching." And so it happened. " (2:9-11)

How I desire for the all of me to become Christlike.
How I beg ABBA to transform my heart so I am not seen,
but He is.

Each day I pray -
Less of me to be more of Him. Break my heart for what breaks His.

Three times Elisha said, "Not on your life! I'm not letting you out of my sight!" (2:2)

Do we have this same commitment, this same drive, this same desire as Elisha?
 Or do we let ourselves take focus off of our Christ and look elsewhere?
 Do we allow "self".   or someone.   or something else.   become our Love Idol?

It is only by watching Christ with all we are that we are able to become like Him.
Anything.  Any Thing.   
Anything else we absorb into ourselves will filter through to our fruits.
I am humbled knowing when we who are His do fail, His grace and mercy covers us.  We are Forgiven.
The Holy Spirit, His Word, refortify and transform us. We are Redeemed through The Blood of our Savior..
All of us are made in His image.  
It is only by watching and working "in"Him  are we then able to be rid of the extras we have chosen to add into His image. Extras which detract from whom He has made us to be.   
As Elisha with Elijah - we need to live, not letting our ABBA out of our sight.

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