Wednesday, April 12, 2017

"Our Signpost" - 04/12/17 - 1 Kings 1-2

"When David’s time to die approached, he charged his son Solomon, saying,
“I’m about to go the way of all the earth, but you—be strong; show what you’re made of!
Do what God tells you.
Walk in the paths He shows you:
Follow the life-map absolutely,
keep an eye out for the signposts,
His course for life set out in the revelation to Moses;
then you’ll get on well in whatever you do and wherever you go.

Then God will confirm what He promised me when He said, ‘If your sons watch their step, staying true to Me heart and soul, you’ll always have a successor on Israel’s throne.’(2:1-4)

I love our ABBA has given us this promise as well.  We have only to follow the signpost.  The Signpost who is our Christ.  The key to Heaven. 

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