Wednesday, April 26, 2017

"Make It A Grand Slam Homerun" - 04/26/17 - 2 Kings 18-19

"He held fast to God
 - never loosened his grip -
and obeyed to the letter everything God had commanded Moses.
 And God, for His part, held fast to Him through all his adventures." (18:6-7)
What a way to live life!
Holding fast onto our ABBA.  and He holds fast to us.
Throughout all of our adventures.
I love my life.  Even though sprinkled throughout with the "bad" moments, for the most part, my heart sings loudly. 
I continually strive to live my life looking at the glass half full.  I continually strive to focus on my innumerable blessings. I continually strive to see Him wherever I look. 
I love waking up each morning in anticipation to the Divine Appointments He has set before me.  I love the anticipation of adventures we will be experiencing together.
He has given me this one life. 
This one chance to live in this world. 
This one time of being all I can be for Him. 
This one opportunity of living each moment as His Warrior and making the most of what He has given me. 
It is my choice to squeeze all I can out of each and every moment. 
Or let them fly by without a glance.
Yes, there have and will be many "valleys" in my journey towards Home, but they only serve to help me appreciate the "mountaintops" I stand upon and look about. 
The valleys serve to build up my gifts and talents, my endurance. 
The valleys serve to give me time when I am totally depending on my ABBA to get me through.  For without Him - I can not progress forward.
It is through those valleys He has grown my faith and trust "in" Him.
And how I love holding fast to our ABBA.
How I love coming to this place of knowing without a doubt -  
And God, for His part, holds fast to me throughout the all of "our" adventures.
I am praying for all to make the most of their ride towards Home! 

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