Wednesday, April 05, 2017

"Filled Hearts of Him" - 04/05/17 - 2 Samuel 4-6

   "When she saw King David leaping and dancing before God, her heart filled with scorn."(6:16)

During the times in my life when watching from the edges, the not being included or accepted, blatant favoritism, double standards, it brought about bitterness, anger and at times jealousy. For many a year now it has been my utmost prayer our ABBA would remove these destructive elements from my heart and replace them with the ways of our Christ. There have been close Prayer Warriors lifting me up and He has opened my eyes to seeing and hearing His Truth. 

Often times throughout each of our days, He delivers His Truth through His Word.  Through the actions and words of others.  Pray that your eyes and ears will be opened to Him, for it is with great joy to be finally living without the "scorn" taking over the most of my days.  I have finally started to release the anger and bitterness within my heart to Him as He is helping me not to take personal the attacks.   I am learning to stand firm and know I am accepted and loved by Him and many, many others. 

The  hard part of not having a heart filled with scorn is it becomes open and tender. No longer hard. It would be so much easier if we were able to hate, to separate ourselves and when hurt is inflicted to just have apathy.

I am thankful though our ABBA instead tenderizes our hearts, seasoning it with His Truth enabling us to become more like Him and Love.  No matter the circumstances. For the unlovely are those who need our Savior the most.  He grows us to instead of relying on our "self", our defenses - we rely on Him.  We begin to live not having the things of this world hinder our drinking in The Fruits of The Spirit.

"Michal, Saul's daughter, was barren the rest of her life."(2 Sam 6:23)

This verse is about not having children.

 While reading it though, God made me aware how easily it could also be about our hearts. I know  He is always preparing our hearts to be a Warrior for Him and to reach the many lost souls who are throwing sin into The Face of God.  Those if they were to die right now, because their fruits are proof that they are living outside of The Covenant and of Christ, will be going to hell unless they have a heart change.

And that is what tears my heart apart.  It isn't their words or actions against me anymore, but how it grieves our ABBA to see such destruction towards each other.   We may be the only vessel for Him they encounter.  We can not allow "self" to get in the way.

Darkness does not like The Light.
We need to be stand firm in Him,  not allowing the darkness to block out The Light in our hearts.

Although this process can hurt so badly, I am so thankful He changes our heart through The Gift of our Savior and The Holy Spirit.  He transforms our heart to one that is not barren, and we are able to Love - even those who are "unlovable". It is at this moment in time they need God's Love and the Love of others more than any other time in their lives.  Not when it is right for "me".  We need to be praying as we live - please may "we" not be seen - but "Him". That all will see Him - not "me" when looking at us.

The blessings continually overflow to be in an intimate relationship with our ABBA.  Not only for this time, but for the all of time.  I pray for others, living with a barren or hardened heart, that they will come to know Him and bear fruit for Him. There are so many in this world who are lost, lost souls. .  Choosing to be living in a world of evil, of darkness and they don't have to.
"Give thanks to God, for His love never quits!"(1Chron 16:42)
This verse grabs my heart  and gives me such strength, comfort, assurance and hope.

His Love never quits for the lost or the saved.

I saw a post which is so accurate, "You can walk many steps away from God, but it takes only one step to go back to Him."  His Love is always pursuing each one of us.

And when "in" Him, no matter the seasons we are in,  at any moment we are able to climb up into our Daddy's lap and feel His arms around us. Knowing His heart is breaking more than ours, because He Loves so much more than we can. Knowing He is holding each of us tightly as we go through this journey together with Him and His family. Knowing that He is/will be using each one of us for His Glory.

Knowing  He loves "all" more than we can ever imagine.  Not just those who are in a covenant with Him - but all persons.  May we see the urgency to Love the lost to Him and allow Him to tenderize our hearts no matter the valleys or mountaintops we are journeying on towards Home.

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