Wednesday, May 18, 2005

What a life.........

Today is my day off. Kinda. If you don't count catching up on housework, bill paying, book work, menu planning, grocery shopping, etc. God has blessed me with a beautiful day - the sun is out, cool breeze, everything is so green and pretty. This is where I struggle - I hate to do all the things listed above and I love to be outside. So, what do I do - I blog!

This week has been amazing. I found out that I got a major job (thanks to all who prayed). With Dave Ramsey's help, I am so excited about our financial future. I was so concerned about if I would be bidding too much. It finally hit me:
1 - I was putting too much power on myself.
2 - If God wanted me to have this job, it didn't matter if I put down a million dollars, I would get it. (too bad I didn't put down that million!)

Why do I struggle so much with putting me out of the picture and letting Him take control?

I was mowing on a lawn Monday - and there by the curb in her vehicle, was "one" of my surrogate daughters, who I had not seen since last school break. We talked for over an hour. What a blessing she has/is in my life. Right now she is going through a very rough patch in this journey of life. But I KNOW that God has so much ahead of her. She is one of the most rooted persons I know, she is so totally in love with her Daddy, her life is all about Him. I pray that she will look past this deep pain she is in and find comfort that He has the perfect plan for her ahead. And who knows where she will be meeting the perfect someone to complete this plan with her. It may be many miles from here. And then she will have a whole other solution to come up with. Meanwhile, I pray for her in her mourning, I love her no matter what, and I am so honored that I am someone that she shares her life with.

Tuesday - we are again on the north end of town. Same yard as last week and my blow Z has a pulley go bad. Load up the truck and leave Kathy - again. This time after reaching my destination - 20 min. later - I hear the part is not in stock. They were so surprised by this, as they always have them. I really wasn't surprised.

Head off to another place. The manager there is a good friend and neighbor. I go up to the counter and ask to speak to "Rex". The guy says he'll check if he is in.

After a few minutes, Rex comes out from the back and says, "She's an old woman". Turns out this guy went around the corner and told Rex, "There's a young girl out there to see you". And he was completely serious. Rex, still not believing him, went around to the back so he could look out through the window to check it out.

I will share though - that guy thinking/saying that - made my day! Even if it is far from the truth. Privilege of being a woman to believe what we want.

After working with Rex and not finding a pulley, I went off to another place. No luck. Back to Kathy and a beautiful completed lawn. We managed to finish most of our clients and on the last job - my other Z got a flat tire. This is a new tire.

When I got home, Rex had left me a message. He had located a pulley for me at Selby's. I headed out - guess what - I now have a new pulley!!!! My blow Z is now usable, kinda. New problem developing.

I was so excited that I told the guys at the counter to go home and have their wives give them a big hug and kiss for me. I doubt if their male clients respond to getting parts this way. Another privilege of being a woman!

It was on my way to Selby's when I realized that satan was really trying to bring me down. Usually when things are going well for me, my equipment starts to break down - weird stuff. Not your usual things, things that my mechanic friend, Dick, who I "often" consult with, says he usually reads about, never sees. Right now my blow Z is acting up again. I think it is the magnet under the fly wheel falling apart. This happened last year to my mulcher Z. Thankfully, I can replace/repair it (with Curt's help), so this will cut down on cost.

The thing is - in all the years Dick has been working on mowers - he has never seen many of the things that have happened to me, happen to anyone. Another thing - my blow Z motor is 2 years old.

So on my way to Selby's, I asked God to put a hedge of protection around my equipment. I know that may sound silly, but it is how I make a living. And I believe He did. I believe that satan doesn't have the power to create anymore weird damage. I know that I will have break downs, etc. that is life.

But I know, just like with my "daughter", God has a plan for us. And looking past the "weird" stuff that happens, I see that He is in complete control. He is the one who picks up the pieces, repairs the damage, and enables us to complete our walks in this life.


Valerie Dykstra said...

Congratulations on being referred to as a "young woman." The only people who do that for me anymore are very old people. I heard a song recently about a middle aged man noticing the beautiful women around him and as he contemplated their beauty he realized they were all calling him "Sir". It was a humorous way to become aware of our aging selves. That song makes me smile.

ret said...

I didn't think it silly at all to pray for a hedge of protection around your equipment. I think He's delighted when we ask for things like that. Another way to make the whole of our lives worship.

If your "daughter" is who I think it is, I too pray she'll have the delights of her heart. God has much in store for her, I just know it...