Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I smile when I think about........

Seeing a g'pa pulling his little granddaughter in a big red wagon, while she pulled along her little toy dog on wheels.

Sitting at a stop light and seeing a daddy on his front porch holding his little boy in his lap just talking. How I loved the back of the boys neck when they were two. Remembering their giggles as I snuggled my nose into that soft spot just below their hairline.

Watching two girls walk down the aisle in Walmart. One was in a rather loud conversation on her cell phone, the other was text mess on hers. I could imagine one calling the other, "Want to go hang out at Walmart?". Talk about quality time together.

An elderly woman driving a huge pickup with her husband sitting in the passenger seat, thinking that will be Curt and me one day - God willing.

Seeing Jacob at K-mart today on his first day at work. Looking rather stylish in that red vest. Although he looks much better in the yellow shirt he bought special when working for me.

The four guys in their speedo's, smoking their cigars, cleaning out the pool. Adam taking a picture perfect slide.

The great efforts Nichalas and his friends went to in order to ambush Lucas with air guns. And the great "war" they all had later. They even took an air conditioner out of the window to get a roof top aim as Lucas walked up to the back door.

That the pool is finally full of clean water and the pump is going. That it is actually still summer!

Learning that Isaac and David will be home real soon.

That Nichalas called his dad this am to ask how many scoops to make coffee. Seeing Drew arrive with a huge box of donuts. Consuming most of both before taking the placement test at JW. I gathered they were afraid of falling asleep.

Although it is very dry, it is still very green and beautiful out here. The corn will soon be tall enough to hide us from the road.

Parked beside me at the pool store was an empty van - running. A little while later coming out of K-mart - an empty van - running - parked beside me. I wonder if it's following me.

That the Testy Festy is only three days away!!!!

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ret said...

you notice the same things in this world of ours, that I do...simple, lovely stuff...