Friday, December 17, 2010

He is...........

Yesterday, I was cooking. I put some vegs in a pan to sweat and left the kitchen for a few moments. From the other room I heard crackling - which I wondered about. Going back into the kitchen I saw that I had turned the wrong burner on.  The burner that I had left a wooden cutting board and knife beside. I didn't panic - just grabbed the board, which was in flames and threw it into the sink.

It wasn't until later that it hit me how quickly the flames could have been out of control - consuming not only the kitchen - but the whole house. It again hit me that He control of all situations - even if I make the wrong choice - even if it is not on purpose. He is.......

I realized also that He control of the flames of sin that surround me. That He doesn't allow them to consume any part of my heart - let alone my whole soul. He protector. He is....all that I need and I pray that one day all that I am.

So - at the end of this year I reflect. How am I doing? Is He consuming me more and more? Is His Word/His ways consuming me more and more? Do my fruits show progress or black ashes?

He bestest Christmas present. He true love. He is the true gift of grace and mercy. He is....I AM.

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