Monday, October 22, 2012

"Sisters" - 10/22/12 - Matthew 20:1-34, Mark 10:32-52, Luke 19:28-44, John 12:1-36

Jesus said, “What can I do for you?”
The blind man said, “Rabbi, I want to see.”
 "On your way,” said Jesus. “Your faith has saved and healed you.”
In that very instant he recovered his sight and followed Jesus down the road.(Mark 10:51-52)

My deepest prayer, my deepest wish - is that when people look at me - it isn't me they see, but Him.  My Lord, my Savior, my Love.

After a weekend spent totally worshiping Him, focused totally on Him, surrounded by sisters in Him, my heart is tender.  My eyes well up with tears as emotions are yielding eagerly to Him - thinking about the words of wisdom, encouragement, excitement while sharing dreams, thoughts - seeing in my mind Christ brightly shining through the faces of those I so love. 

It was a wonderful weekend.  The conference was great.  The food - could eat some now!  But - it was the time spent around tables, time spent in the van, time spent sitting up late (or early depends on how you look at 2am), that touched my heart the most and caused another growth spurt In Him. 

I love how He holds me accountable through His family - their words - how their compassion and love drips all over.  I love how they are not judgemental, self-righteous, sharing wisdom gleaned from being - and I mean being - in His Word.  How He realigns my vision to focus on Him and not me. 

I love how listening to their hearts lay open and revealing puts my trials and tribulations into perspective.  Listening to how they walked through their valleys with Him and learned to let Him carry them, lean on Him, and become stronger for Him.  Learning from them. 

I love how I have prayed “Rabbi, I want to see.” and how He answered.

"On your way,” - as I go about living.

said Jesus. “Your faith has saved and healed you.”

following Jesus down the road - in a van with my sisters............

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Dana Caley said...

God bless you and keep you always my dear, dear friend and sister in Christ! Missing you all so much but finding joy in the longing. I find joy in the time shared, although gone it was so filled with the Holy Spirit it will never be forgotten. I find joy in the task at hand and in the knowing that I am not alone. Now we continue on sharing that love we have in Him as we go, together. Love you, miss you and always with you!