Monday, June 06, 2005


First off - thanks for the comments. Even though I so look forward to what others comment, I do have a life that doesn't center around blogging - barely! Does anyone else feel like this?

I really enjoyed the ones who revealed their "first kiss" experience. There are two that threw out enough info to get my attention - I am waiting!

And in response to my pictures. Yes, I am so blessed with the location of our home. The home is a two story farm house, surrounded by out buildings, which need a lot of work. I guess if I quit my day job everything would be as I want it - but then I would be broke - so then again maybe it wouldn't.

I enjoy working outside far more than inside. This is my favorite time of year to create and tend to my gardens. So far, many of the plants I ordered are beginning to take off and some are even going to bloom. Many of the bulbs I planted didn't do anything - but they are guaranteed until I stop gardening - so I will just order replacements. We do have mosquito's after the sun goes down. Not too bad. If you put OFF on, they pretty well leave you alone. When we have get togethers, Curt will spray the trees, lawn, etc. and that keeps all bugs away for up to a week.

We love using this place for the Lord. The sounds I most often hear are the birds, frogs, dogs, occasional car/truck and mostly the voices of the boys and their friends. They love to play flashlight tag, kick the can, camp out, do Olympic game events, fireworks, campfire, hot dog roast, hang around.

I really struggle with the fact that a subdivision will be to the east sooner than later. The boundary line is 20 feet from the side of our house. We are praying that our finances get in order and the asking price for a home on the bluffs, which I like, will go down. If this all falls into place, then we will probably move about 10 minutes south of here. Both of us being raised on farms has made us really not want any close neighbors. We've tried city life and it isn't for us. Quincy really is a beautiful area, right on the Mississippi. There are flat areas, bluffs, swamps, a good place to raise kids.

By the way - there is someone who I am still looking for your blog! You know who I mean. Thanks for a fun time Sunday. We would really like to get together as couples sometime.


Anonymous said...

I am still reading ! I enjoy it everyday. I am still thinking about it! who knows maybe I will take Curts Idea and just post my pictures.. let them speak for me!
Thanks for coming Sunday. It was so nice to see you. But we need to get together again, when its not so busy!
love you

deby said...

like getting used to the water - just jump in!

ps. the water is wonderful at the community blog pool.