Thursday, June 02, 2005


Well, I have done it. After almost three months - working outside very hard - watching what I eat - only to step on the scales and see that 2 pounds are no longer - yesterday at noon, I joined Weight Watchers - again.

I hate the word DIET. It makes me think of food. Food that I usually don't think about when I am not on a diet. Go figure. So to fool myself - I am officially on the WWLPP!. That would be Weight Watchers Lost Pounds Program!. I think it sounds more interesting and official.

We'll see how it works - this fooling myself.

So far, not so good. Last night I broke down and ate a Jumbo, not regular, Tenderloin w/bun and Texas Toothpicks. I had driven by the tavern at 1638 State on my way to WWLPP! and couldn't get it outa my mind. (The tenderloin - not the tavern.)

While I am beating myself up over my "last meal", I did do one of the WWLPP! recommended steps - "leave a little food on your plate".

I left some of the two serving size portion of Texas Toothpicks.


Anonymous said...

That was hilarious! Kevin and I are headed that direction too I think...been walking but feel larger than ever...way to go girlfriend!!!

Erin said...

that was great! I do admire your restraint: I know how succulent those toothpicks can be; I try to stay away from the little dispensers they have at some restaurants...especially when they have the mint-y kind!

Valerie Dykstra said...

I think it must be a curse. I've been walking lots since January and don't feel like I've lost anything. I'm discouraged. I guess what they say about it being harder the older you get is true.
I enjoyed reading your post. You're very funny.

mindi11 said...

it's absolutely a curse. i only drink water, i take my vitamins, i've been deliberately exercising (walking plus going to the gym) for about a year now and I weigh about 3 pounds less than i did when i started. :( although...all the chocolate probably isn't helping much is it?

*sulking to the kitchen for more double stuff oreos...