Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Better sit down

Today was my third week of WWLPP!. I am so excited!

The result - (drum roll please)

minus .08! Do you realize that is half of a pound!

My friend celebrated with me by saying, "At least it's in the right direction".

Actually, I was surprised that I didn't gain.

This past week has been one of going out of town (Olive Garden), supper with my mom and brother (pizza), a house warming party (BBQ Pork chops, pasta salads, potato casserole, vegs), fishing results (fried bass, potato salad, baked beans) and oh yes, a bag of Hershey Kisses (a small bag)

Today though I am reformed and have started my week 4 of WWLPP! in a serious manner. Lunch today with my good friend (wonderful 2 1/2 hours) consisted of a salad. Mom just called and fishing is cancelled for tomorrow (too hot). She is coming down and helping me work in my gardens, dad will be out after his dentist appointment., they will stay in town for Curt and Adams ballgame at 6:00.

Oh yes, she said that we will all be going out to eat..............

Being the obedient daughter that I am, I will have to go.

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ret said...

Looks like you'll get to combine spending time with your mom & your desire to garden all in one shot. How great is that???