Tuesday, June 21, 2005

This blogging thing

Isn't it funny how our lives change from just corresponding with persons over the blog sites? How friendships develop, prayers are prayed for them, thinking about them off and on, whenever.

I'm thinking that this says something about our busy lifestyles. How people used to take time for each other. Just to get together, face to face. No special reason, just to visit. Spend time together. Making memories. Some good, some bad.

This blogging thing is really taking off for all ages. That is telling me that humans really need each other. No matter how many pets, hobbies, vices, addictions, etc. we have - we still need people.

In realizing this, I have decided to stop being so busy and start taking time to be with people. Tomorrow I am having lunch with a good friend that I have only talked to on the phone off and on for over two years. We live all of 20 minutes apart. Her sons are also my surrogate sons, so we have a lot to share. We have kept up with each other through our sons. It will be nice to actually be with her.

Thursday evening - I am going fishing with my mom. Haven't shared that with her for way too many years. I got my love for fishing from her, she from her dad. I can still remember him teaching me how to tie a knot for my hook.

My problem is that I love to be home, alone, working in my gardens. My problem is that I would much rather work than play. My problem is that already I am wanting to cancel and stay home on my days off. My problem is that these next two days will be enough time spent with persons to last another two months. My problem is that this is not how God designed me. Or you. He created us in His image. He desires to be with us. I need to be more like Him and desire to be with people. People that become family - sorta like my blogging thing has become.

I realize too, that the only way for me to grow outward in Him is to spend time with His children. So, starting tomorrow I begin to work on my problem. Please pray that I begin to make a habit of this weekly. To spend at least some time, face to face, with a person. There is so much I have to learn from His creation.


Valerie Dykstra said...

Good for you. I have a "hankerin'" for another couple to play cards with. I have never desired this before and probably would have scoffed at the idea. Gordon asked, "but why?" and my answer was "for consistency, you know, to grow old together." Sounds like we are sort of on the same wavelength in some ways. Sorry, but I don't do the fish thing. I think I must have had some bad experience as a kid, because you say "go fishin'" and I shudder.

ginny said...

I have never shrank away from people. I thrive on it :o) but as of late I just find its better to just keep a handful of people to keep close and keep active with. I know what you mean about enjoying the peace of doing your own thing alone, but Deb my darling you have sooo much to offer those around you. I know I am growing just by blogging with you. I know God used this medium to help me to stretch out...Im so glad He did :o)