Monday, February 27, 2006

You know....

Yesterday, although the wind was very cold, the sunshine was so "spring like". How encouraging to see the spring bulbs beginning to peek out beneath their cover of leaves, the grass beginning to have a tint of green.

Spring is in the air. The robins are too numerous to count in our yard, the ducks and geese I have spotted making their way back and my soul is in the stage of awakening. I absolutely LOVE the ending of winter.

I Love the underlying current of an energy that has been rather sluggish these past few months. I Love watching the rustling of nature as it is beginning to toss and turn its' way out of a winter bed. I Love feeling the ever growing warmth of sunshine streaming in through the window, as it gets closer to my section of the world.

I Love watching our sons grow into a "next" stage. I Love being in the next room listening to them laugh and talk. Making memories for a lifetime. Creating moments to talk about in future "remember when" times. I Love being a wife and having my husband come home from a week long trip. I Love being the other half of someone. Someone to share, laugh, yes occasionally fight, love with. I Love being the other half of him and sharing our two sons. I Love the memories that we have, the family we have. I Love that God kept us together.

I Love reflecting on my life and seeing my many, many blessings. I Love thinking about persons who love me and how their eyes light up when they see me. I Love being loved. I Love the relationship I share with many of those that is based IN God. I Love their prayers, their encouragement, their accountability. I just plain Love them.

I Love being In His word every day. I Love learning, listening, applying, growing In Him. I Love learning that giving is so much better than receiving. I Love getting rid of all those heavy blankets of sin. I Love getting to stretch out under the cool, crisp, clean, clothesline smelling, sheet He has covered me with in a new beginning - every day. I Love how much He Loves me. I Love as I grow in Him, I am growing more and more in His love. I Love being able to love me as He does. I Love that being able to love me takes away so many "blankets" that I have covered my heart up with - the "false sense of security blankets".

I LOVE that In Him, every moment can be spring awakening.


mindi11 said...

Deby, this is beautiful. Very eloquent and the perfect thing for me to wake up to this morning (or late is my day off! :)

Valerie Dykstra said...

Indeed, this is very nice. You sound more "awakened" than I feel. But it's not that spring-like here; we'll say that's my excuse.

ret said...

I didn't know you were blogging again. I loved your reference to the heavy blankets being gone and the feel of a crisp clean sheet...very nice.

You'll be crazy busy before too long..enjoy these last few days of the season ;)

We just finished the same study MPCC ladies were doing...I had been through it years ago but this time it was with Beth's video and was awesome as usual. I missed the last three studies due to Israel so I need to borrow the videos and catch up. Fruit of the Spirit are always a meaningful study. Sounds like you enjoyed it too.

God Bless your week!!!