Monday, April 03, 2006

Recommended reading

100 Days in the Secret Place - introduced and compiled by Gene Edwards.

By taking a SLOW journey through these 1600's Christian authors, it has become such a growing experience. The writings of Jeanne Guyon, Archbishop Fenelon of France, and Michael Molinos were banned for some time because of the growth in Christianity that occurred.

These first days I am reading The Way to the Cross.

Today in the "Ways of God" - it talks about how God starts to deal with your old nature. He heads straight for the center of all that you hold most dear.

My scripture that I have been focusing on is in Psalms 139.

"Try me and know my anxious thoughts."

It amazes me how many times no matter what I am reading, how many different studies, they all tie in to one another. Funny how He works.

My anxious thoughts - turned out to be many. I am most anxious about losing Curt, Adam or Nichalas. Although I know that they would be with Him, I am selfish and yearn for more time with them here. I have found that all my anxious thoughts are based on my selfishness.

Oh, how He did head straight for the center of me. And He asked me "Who do I love more?"

At first, I had to swallow and admit - it wasn't Him - it was them or rather myself.

The anxiousness has left the building though (until I slip again)- after this confession, after much digging, I have found that by loving Him above all - I have also begun to "rest" in knowing He is in complete control.

I have found too, that my anxious thoughts begin when I try to take control - My Way - not His.

How thankful that He knows me. How thankful that He teaches me. How thankful that I grow in Him.

That is straight to my center -

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Valerie Dykstra said...

Good to "hear" from you. Your reading material of late sounds good. I've read some from this time as well, and found it to be convicting to say the least. Are you doing well? I'm busy, busy.