Monday, April 24, 2006

Spring so far.........

Wow, it is almost the end of April. Tax day has come and gone - didn't get the big stuff back - unc sam gets to have more of the green stuff from us. I wouldn't mind paying in the taxes, if I could see that where it went was how it was meant to be - not for the lining of gold in the top of the pole persons.

I have went completely out of my comfort zone this past week. With Curt selling his business and going to work for his cousins - JH Concrete - I decided to continue spraying three of my commercial clients for weed control. I took the test and passed two years ago to be legal (my score was higher than my husband!) and so far had only been spraying beds and along fence lines using my hand sprayer or backpack. I am now into bigger and more expensive chemicals. If you need to know how much, for type of control Chateau, Sahara, Helosate and a Surfactant needs to be mixed into a 200 gal tank - I know! But the very best part of all this is, after working 12-14 hours a day, pulling hose, and walking back and forth over 13 acres - I ended up losing 12 pounds. Since beginning my spring season I have lost 20 pounds. Yes, I am kicking myself when I realize that if I had not gained over the winter, I would now be 10 pounds from my goal. Now, only 35 pounds to go.

Okay, perhaps it's a little sad that I am more excited about the weight loss than going out of my comfort zone and accomplishing this task. I also stuck with Weight Watchers Core plan throughout until this weekend. Pizza, fried steak, mashed tates and gravy. At least I didn't eat as big of helping as usual.

Just to help you take your mind off your own problems. Can you imagine sitting down with a cup of jo and enjoying the Sunday paper - when suddenly..............

House Blasted by 3,000 Gallons of Sewage

By Associated Press

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Utility workers trying to blast out a grease clog from a sewer line forced 3,000 gallons of raw sewage into a couple's home, forcing them to abandon their house while hoping that the city makes good on a promise to clean up and repair the damage.
Mac and Meg McCormick say city leaders have also promised to pay for their stay in a hotel until the repairs are complete. The couple doesn't have any of the agreement in writing, and city officials have declined to discuss the case because it's ongoing.
"We feel we have no choice but to put our trust and faith in the hands of the city," Meg McCormick said this week as movers hauled damaged furniture from her house. "And I'll be honest, that's a little scary."
Scott Denham, the risk manager for Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, declined to discuss the details of the sewage backup, but did say, "There's no question of the severity of this event."
City officials don't even know how much the repairs and cleanup will cost, Denham said. Meg McCormick said she has received estimates of $75,000 to $150,000. The house has a tax value of $101,300.

And you thought you were having a bad day.

God Bless....................

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Valerie Dykstra said...

My day was good, really really good. After reading that sewage story, my day was excellent.