Monday, April 24, 2006

Mower maintenance

How frustrating - my mower is up on the fork lift, ready to have the blades removed so I can sharpened them - can not get them off as the bolts are too tight. UGHHHHH - yes, there are moments when I wish I had man arms.

How frustrated I am (again) at my HS Counselor who would not let me take auto mechanics my Sr. year. "Girls don't take or need classes like that, Deby" (I ended up taking Wood Shop and Welding - and man oh man have I ever used those skills in my life - Thank you very much Mr. Armstrong. Okay, welding I have used off and on.) My throttle isn't working on my mulcher Z and I can not figure out how to get it fixed. I have tore it semi-apart and checked the wires - which are connected and working. I have bumped a lever and the engine roars away - only to die down when I take away the screwdriver. Since I am unable to run behind it and hold the lever with a screwdriver while attempting to mow at the same time, it is off the trailer in the barn waiting for my man, who comes home this weekend.

He'll be overjoyed just being able to work on my equipment - again.

On a very serious note. I am so thankful the Lord has blessed me with such a wonderful and talented husband (who got to take auto mechanics in HS).

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Valerie Dykstra said...

Isn't it wonderful that our men know so many things we don't.