Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Beef, Pork, Lamb & Turkey

Testicles - that is. Tried them all and as most childhood memories go - they weren't as good relived as I remembered. Not bad, just not good. And since I didn't condition myself prior to the event by eating fried foods, only one plate for me. Curt had two and we took a "sampler" home for those who dared. Adam refused to dare-something about them being nasty. I can not believe what a "city boy" I have at times! We gave the last of them to my dad for Father's Day and he was quite pleased.

Curt and I decided that we won't be going back in the future years. Nice to say we've been there, done that, but once is enough. Nichalas and Lucas accompanied us only to be refused at the gate. They created the rule this year that anyone under 21 was not allowed in, even with parents. What was rather ironic is that they walked down the block and ate in the tavern - by themselves.

And on another note - man is it hot out today. 97 when I last looked. The heat got to me and I am now in the AC cooling off before heading back out. I have four commercial props to spray and want to get those done. If the weather holds out, I have more spraying to do at ADM tomorrow. Next week I am to spray Huber's and hopefully, that will be it for awhile. The nice thing about it - I am taking off the rest of my weight rather quickly. Since I haven't updated WWLPP for some time........

I am now 40 pounds lighter than when I started.

Why is it that I feel so much better being at this weight now, when in the past having gained to this same weight I felt horrible? Amazing how easy it is to trick the ole mind.

Sharing my devotion from this morn.


There is a fire of Divine love.

It is this love which burns the believer and can even cause the believer to suffer. How? Sometimes the absence of the Beloved greatly affects the believer.

Sometimes the believer hears the inward voice of the Beloved calling. It is as a gentle whisper and proceeds from out of the believer's in most depths...where the Lord, the Lover, abides. It is this whisper which possesses the believer almost to the point of undoing. The believer realizes how near is his Lord and yet he also realizes how much of the soul has not yet been possessed by Him.

This intoxicates the believer and puts an insatiable longing within him to be changed into the likeness of his Lord. Therefore, it can be said of love: Divine love is as strong as death, for it kills just as surely as death kills.


May you have a blessed day.


Valerie Dykstra said...

I'm afraid I wouldn't have eaten those treats you took home either. Congratulations on the 40 pounds. I'm impressed.

mindi11 said...

i'm glad you didn't overdo it at the festival. wouldn't it be horrible to gain 10 pounds from fried testicles? :)