Tuesday, November 05, 2013

"By Name" - 11/05/13 - Matthew 27:57-28:15, Mark 15:42-16:13, Luke 23:50-24:12, John 19:38-20:18

"Jesus said, “Mary.” (John 20:16)

He knows

He knows  each  of us by name.

We aren't just a number, a face lost in the crowd.   Each  of us, are an individual, a soul, made in His Image. 

Each  of us, no matter where we have walked, are walking, will walk.





                                                                 He. Calls. By. Name.

Each  of us - He died for. 

Each  of us - ABBA turned His back on our Savior for.

Each  of us - Our Savior conquered sin, He conquered death for.

               Each  of us -     He.      Calls.      By.       Name.

And how many times throughout my years, I turned and walked away from His Voice.  How many steps I took, leading away from Him, His way of life - into the darkness.  How often I was running, lost and seemingly alone, seeking love of the world, and always in emptiness.  How often I tuned out the sound of His voice, only to find myself at the bottom of life, the bottom of the pit.  Surrounded by the stench, the decay, the ugliness, the darkness of sin.

I was never


He never stopped calling my name.

                                                My. Name.

At last, I turned into the sound of His Voice, the Message of His Word.
       I Believed,

                          threw my self,

                                                    head over heels,

                                                                        into the embrace of His Love,

                                                                                                                            His Heart. 

His Blood.  His Grace.  His Mercy. His Forgiveness.  The Holy Spirit. 

They are all part of my name. 

My name which I hear,
     with each heartbeat,
           with each breath I take into my lungs,
                with each wonderment my eyes fall upon,
                       with each delight I experience living "in" Him.

                                                                               My name He calls me - His Beloved.

"You have moved from not my people to my people, from not beloved to beloved." (Romans 9:25)

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