Monday, November 04, 2013

"Transformation" - 11/04/13 - Matthew 27:32-56, Mark 15:21-41, Luke 23:49, John 19:17-37

"When they got to Jesus, they saw that He was already dead, so they didn’t break His legs.
  One of the soldiers stabbed Him in the side with his spear. Blood and water gushed out."
(John 19:34)

Even in death, they still continued to torture His body. 

Each year, when I know I am coming to the day of reading of His Crucifixion, I cringe inside.  I wrestle with guilt, shame, being uncomfortable.  It is because I know, my sins, are part of the reason He was Crucified. 

Today though, while I was praying before reading, to hear what He wanted me to hear, I felt Him transform my heart. 

Christ didn't go to the cross as an act of being able to hold the Crucifixion over my head.  He didn't do it as a "trump card", forcing me to do as He bid. 

He was Crucified because of LOVE.

No other reason. 

It was the only way for me, and others, to be with ABBA. 

He willingly went to the Cross because He was doing what His ABBA wanted Him to do.

To be the ultimate sacrifice for sin.

I pray I will never take His Words recording His ultimate sacrifice for granted.  I pray when I recognize where ABBA had to turn His back on my Savior, His Son, my heart will continue to weep.  As a mother, I can only imagine the pain ABBA and Christ were going through. 


He wants me to lay down at The Cross my sins. 

He didn't die so I continually carry them with me, a constant reminder of what He put to Death.  His Arms were stretched out wide, accepting me, as I was and am, when I fell to my knees before Him.  His blood ran down over me, as I bowed before Him, cleansing me, purifying me, making me Holy and Pure. 

It is my choice to lay down my sins, open my arms wide, and receive Him into my heart, my life, my soul - my all.  It is my choice to take the escapes He provides when sin presents itself in my path. 

It is my choice to accept His gift of LOVE and with each step, become more and more like Him.  To live and love as He has and does.  To accept His gift of grace, mercy, and forgiveness. 

It is my choice to not continually torture Him.

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