Thursday, June 09, 2005


Yesterday I went back after my first week of WWLPP! . How do you get excited over a 2.2 pound loss. When my goal equals the weight of a medium size child, I sigh at the realization of what is left after deducting the 2.2 pounds. Is it completely unreasonable to expect minus 20 pounds instead? (I know it isn't but one can always dream.)

Which brings me to now.

I am struggling this morning with a strong case of envy.

Last night as I dreamt, my friend Loretta made her way into my dream world.

I was at a wedding, whose I haven't a clue, and she just came walking up to me.

Smiling, happy as all get out, we hugged, and said we were glad to see each other. She may have been glad to see me but, I was struggling inside with deep down anger.

You see, she looked fantastic. (Not that she doesn't for real.)

As she held her arms out to her sides, and turned back and forth, it was oh so evident -

When asked by me, she replied, "Yes, I have lost 40 pounds in just these past two weeks. All I did was cut back a little and take in some walking."

Loretta - if this dream has come true - please find it within yourself not to let me know. Wear extra padding and large clothes when in my company - think of the movie Shallow Hal. I am trying to be a good Christian woman and envy is a sin. 1 Corinthians 8:9.


ret said...

That is one funny post. Where can I get these dreams :) Tell me, as I held out my arms and twirled around, how long did it take for my arms to stop wobbling back and forth??

Valerie Dykstra said...

Thanks to my son the blogger, the world now knows that I weigh roughly 1000 pounds. Not really, thank God. I have been walking LOTS since January and haven't lost a pound or an inch. I'm frustrated with my lack of progress and envious of the thin women. It is painfully true that it's harder to lose the older you get. Wow, this is too reflective for the first thing in the morning. I think I'll go get another peanut butter cookie and relax.

Anonymous said... are beautiful!! dont worry it will take time but it will happen...and just didnt gain 2.2 you lost!! Hang in can be done..:o)