Saturday, June 04, 2005

In All Cases.........

What Then?, by Gene Vance

When you are really stressed, what then?

I again sat in the airplane on my way to my next destination. While winging my way through the blue skies, I observed a young mother and father caring for their three children. Youngest of this family was about 6 to 9 months old: he began crying. Dad was holding the child, yet the cries immediately attracted Mom's attention. Dad checked for a wet or smelly diaper, but all was fine. He then attempted to offer his son a pacifier and then a bottle of liquid looking like formula, but to no avail. This infant needed something else.

Mom gazed quickly at her other children, then shifted her attention as she held out her arms to take the crying child. She received the child and held him near. This precious young person stopped crying within about 3 seconds after being held near to the mother.

Was it the pattern of her heartbeat to which he had been so near for nearly 9 months; this beat that pumped nourishment and supplied all his sustenance?

Was it the gentle, soothing words spoken by the parent who loved him so dearly?

Was it the soft touch of the mother's hand, her perfume, or something else that comforted him?

As Dad appeared mystified by the instant change, my thoughts turned to me. When I am frightened, anxious, or have been wronged and hurt by those in the world, I do not hesitate to cry to the one who sustains me. If the unsettling state continues long enough, I share it with my friends, and like the Dad, they attempt to do all they know to comfort me. Yet most times, this doesn't help nearly enough. It is only when I draw near to the one who gave me life that I find my concerns are eased. When I read the words my Creator and Savior left for me, and I pray to him, I sense a greater closeness to the one who provided rebirth and continuing sustenance for my life. Only when I look to God and allow him to draw me closer to him, am I able to gain needed comfort from the Holy Spirit.

Whenever we call out to God, he is ready and willing to take the time to provide for the needs of his children in ways better than we could ever imagine.

Peter said it well so long ago: "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you." (1 Peter 5:7)

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Erin said...

lovely, very beautiful. Thank you.