Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Let's get excited........

Well, tonight was the end of week two weigh in for the WWLPP. Again, it was very hard driving by the tavern and not stopping in for the Jumbo Tenderloin.

One day.

I know that I am not supposed to reward myself with food, but I am not into jewelry, clothes, stuff, etc. And after living in Texas for almost nine years - where they don't have tenderloin - I know that it is okay to have one for a reward.

Almost convinced myself of this without any guilt.

I do want to share one of the best secrets of Quincy. The Ayerco at 24th & State - soft serve, low fat ice cream. You serve yourself. Make that baby as big as you want. Although if you go too big they may charge a little more than the 40 cents (not that I would know anything about this first hand). And it is only two points!!!!!

Okay, maybe three if you really pile it on.

WWLPP results - 3.2 pounds that means a total of - 5.4

Only six more months to go!!!!

I am still praying for that -20 in one week for about 3 weeks in a row.
miracles can happen!


Valerie Dykstra said...

Congrats. I'm envious.

mindi11 said...

that's so wonderful!

although...i think i gained the 5 that you've lost :(