Monday, February 25, 2008

a chuckle

from who we are going to visit in Morocco. She and her son were on a bus going home and it passed their stop. It was dark by now and although it did stop not too far away, she was very uncomfortable. This is how neat our Father is. When she got off, a lady did also and started to question her about where she was walking, etc. And this is what our Father did for her and her son.

"On a lighter note - a language blunder - and this one in English! When the "police woman" escorted us home she quickly told me she was a "police woman" in English, but with her accent, I thought she was saying she was a POLISH woman. So, we talked back and forth in Arabic and some English. She knew a bit of English, but not a lot. She must have told me two or three times that she was a "police woman" and I was thinking "well, I'm really glad that you're proud of your heritage". Eventually I asked her if it was dangerous for her to walk from our house to hers by herself, and again she responded, "no, because I'm a "police woman" - me thinking "POLISH". And, again, I thought "what difference does it make if you are Polish or British or Australian, you're still walking alone", but I didn't say anything. Then she pulled out her ID card and it said in plain English "police" and had a picture of her in uniform. Then I was really smiling inside that the Lord had provided such timely intervention and an opportunity to laugh!

We're so very thankful for the Lord's promise to never leave us or forsake us…thankful for His guidance and encouragement…thankful for His grace and mercy. Please pray that we would be bright lights in this dark place.

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Anonymous said...

what a funny story!

one time at this church event that Dustin's band played at, this man walked up to Dustin, shook his head and mumbled something that sounded like "Where ya born?"

Dustin enthusiastically responded with "Kerrville Texas", and went on for quite a bit of time, telling about his love of Texas and how nice it is there in the hill country.

the man walked to the next guy in the band and over-enunciated his name, "William Boren".

he had never asked Dustin where he was born, he was simply stating his name, and probably hoping for a simple, "Dustin Bartell, nice to meet you" in return. :)

by the way, we're moving to the Des Moines area. is that close to Quincy? i have no idea, as i've never even visited that part of the US. i guess i'll know soon enough :)