Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Things are......

getting checked off my list. So far, I have gotten our home completely organized and cleaned - except the kitchen cupboards and now am ready to paint. That is a problem....what colors do I choose? I am blessed with a husband who is happy with anything I pick, it's just I don't know. We have one job of brush removal to do for a client and are waiting on the weather to change. Right now it is snowing and everything is covered nicely with white icing. It is so beautiful out here today. I love our Father's paintbrush.

There is a sense of urgency in getting my "to do" list completed soon, very soon. We are taking a trip across the ocean to visit our friends the McMichaels in Morocco for ten days. I am already anticipating nonstop mowing when we get back - which is why I want to get everything done before. This could be our last family vacation. The guys are moving to Chicago this fall to begin the next stage of life. It is exciting - bittersweet. Adam is applying to Columbia and Nichalas has been accepted at the School of Hospitality and Cooking. I love that God has blessed them with such a close relationship and that they will be roommates. What neat memories they will be making.

We are also in prayer about something major. Something wonderful if it pans out. If not, we wait on God's time. No-I am not trying to get pregnant! or adopt.

We are also going through the process of digging for gold - scholarship, grants, etc. gold. That is such a fun thing to do - but worthwhile.

I have kept up with my blogger friends and have received such blessings in reading them, corresponding with them. I also fight envy in how artistic some of them are. One day I will take the time to learn how to do the same with mine.

My goals for 2008 - so far on track.

Continue in His word every day. Listen to Him and write what He says down.

Laugh more. Spend as much time as possible with my family and friends.

Have company more.

Cut back on my gardens. I burnt myself out with all the planting last few years.

Get Neko trained, Pet Safe fence installed and get him off that chain.

I would really like to ride in a hot air balloon. So would my dad. That would be a big step in my overcoming the fear of heights!

Send notes of encouragement, love, to someone once a week.

Forgive and move on in regard to relationships that I am not Christlike in.  To choose to allow Him to transform my heart.

Lose 10 pounds a month for the next six months. Slim Fast seems to be working. They have a menu plan filled, and I mean filled, with vegs. So, we are eating healthier and most of the recipes have been quite good. Returned back to Aldi's as their vegs, milk, etc. are so much cheaper. Their milk/eggs over a dollar!

Get the house completely cleaned, organized, and painted before we leave.

Taxes - to the accountant. Put on her desk the second week of January!

Bookwork/records/receipts - all files have been purged, updated and receipts are recorded except yesterdays groceries.

Continue to stay on the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Budget - all I can say ----it works!

It will be interesting to see what the end of 2008 will bring in regard to this list. I do know that as I age, the list keep changing and it really isn't a complete tragedy if things aren't crossed off.

Okay - honestly - the 10 pounds a month would be a tragedy if they are still following me around come 2009.

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ret said...

Hey there beautiful :) I didn't know you were still blogging...this post was an awesome one to read though...sounds like you're all as blessed as can be. You've gotten so much done in the last month I'm jealous. Way jealous. Except for the trip I should just steal your list. With a new pup on the way a trip will have to wait. A group from church is heading to Greece in March (Kevin won that debate!) but we're sitting it out. It will be hard when they all come home and share their stories... We're hoping to take our very first major trip ALONE for our 25th next year. We'll see how that pans out. Anyhoo. It was great to hear from you and nice to catch up a little on what you're up to. God bless you babe!! Miss you!