Saturday, September 21, 2013

"Brothers and Uncles" - 09/21/13 - Nehemiah 11:1-12:26, I Chronicles 9:1-34

Their brothers stood opposite them to give praise and thanksgiving,

one side responding to the other, as had been directed by David the man of God.   

(Nehemiah 12:24)

I love the relationship between Adam and Nichalas. 

Just sitting and watching them interact, drinking in the blessings of our fruits. 

Last weekend, Nichalas flew home for a wedding, and I was blessed with many memory making events.  Our hotel room had a loft, where Curt and I slept, with another bed downstairs.  There was also a pull out couch in the living room area. 

It made my heart smile, knowing the couch was not even an option.  The guys have never hesitated, or thought of it as abnormal, to sleep together.  Even with Nichalas now being married, when Amber isn't with us, they sleep together.  I love hearing their voices murmuring in the dark, as they talk themselves to sleep. Their laughter is often the last sounds I can remember, before I fall into the world of dreams. 

When they were little and had sleepovers, it was not unusual to come in the next morning and find all of them squeezed into one bed, or on the floor. 

They just enjoyed being close, they enjoyed being "brothers". 

I love going through photographs of years gone by and being reminded of all the joy and blessings this group of guys have brought - and still do - into my life.  (Wishing I had those photos available to post, not wanting to leave anyone out.)


These boys are now grown men,          

Just this past summer, Lucas joined Adam and Nichalas in playing video games here.  When I went down to wake them up, there they were, all three crowded into Adam's bed.  I love how all of them, who grew up together, are still so close.  That God is in the center of their relationships, that the world's evil doesn't come in and desecrate their relationship.  I love knowing, until they breathe their last breath, they will always be there for each other. 

Even though they aren't of the same blood, they are closer than most blood relations that I know.  They are there to encourage, hold accountable, support, honor, and love.  They are loyal and would die protecting each other and theirs. 

Lucas has been a daddy to Abel for one month now.  It is still a little hard to comprehend this little guy I used to babysit for, beginning when he was two, is now old enough to be a daddy.  To sit and hold Abel, knowing I am holding a part of Lucas.  Wow!  So much delight comes from just watching the guys come together around this little babe.  The pride, the caring, gentle touch, not holding, holding, not changing a diaper. 

Knowing without a doubt, they are there for Abel, and all other children we will be blessed with, in the years to come. 


They are uncles.  Through our ABBA, they are of one blood. 

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