Thursday, September 05, 2013

"Neccessity of Reviewing" - 09/05/13 - Ezekiel 44:1-46:24

"The Prince is to be there, mingling with them, going in and out with them." (46:10)

Our Wednesday night Bible Study group just finished up the study, "Not a Fan", and all agreed to go through it once more.  Although this study has impacted my life, last night while watching the first video again, I was surprised at all I had forgotten in only a few weeks.


Taken for granted.


December 31, 2013 will be the 15th anniversary of reading through His Word for me.  I had made this pledge to Him, as long as I was able mentally, I would read through His Word yearly.  The first few years I read, but not every day.  Life got in the way.  Good intentions were set aside by something "better" that came along for that day, that moment.  One year, I read through the entire New Testament on December 31st, because I was bound and determined to finish in time.  It had become more about getting through His entire Word, rather than having His Word getting through to me. 

And then, I started to see the change in my heart, my days, I made time to start my day reading His Love Letter to me - with Him.  He was giving me the gift of Godly Wisdom through His Words to equip me in my journey of this life.

I learned - albeit slowly - I needed to "review" His Word every day. 

Even though I have read His Word throughout my years, each and every time, He gives me more "meat" to chew on.  I stand amazed at that.  I stand amazed of how Living His Word is.  I stand amazed how His Word, written so long ago, equips me for each of my days, here and now.  I stand amazed at how often I have fed from it, I still starve for it. 

There are often times when reading through the scriptures dealing with the numerous sacrifices, I mentally think, how thankful I am to be living on this side of the new Covenant - the Covenant I have with Christ - my Savior.  There are times when I will "breeze" through these verses, focusing on all the work and mess it entailed, how it had to have taken up a major part of their lives.  It hit me today, as I was "reviewing", God's instructions and their obedience were their daily "review".  In the reading today, the people had fallen so far away from the meaning of the many sacrifices, it had become routine or neglected.  And they themselves had fallen away from God. 

After the video, we were discussing forgiveness and the great example of Love,  ABBA gave us through Christ.  The ultimate sacrifice.  How we will often balk at loving and forgiving as Christ did/does.  Don said, "Christ left Heaven to come down and walk with us, He didn't have to."  When our Savior left to return to ABBA, He left us the gift of The Holy Spirit walking amongst us, Who when we accept Christ, lives within us.

No greater love or sacrifice has been shown or given for me. 

Yet, how often in my days, do I take that for granted.  Forget.  Put my "self" first?  Christ, my Prince, left His Father, our God, our ABBA, to come down, become human - for the sole purpose of ending all sacrificing for sin. 

So, as long as I am mentally able, I continue to "review" In His Word every day.  His Godly Wisdom has shown, equipped, enabled, me to LIVE "in" Him.  "Reviewing" is my very small in comparison, daily sacrifice, so I won't take for granted the time "The prince is to be there, mingling with them, going in and out with them."

When He became and is The ultimate sacrifice.

"Reviewing" keeps me focused on His gift of "No Greater Love". 

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