Saturday, May 03, 2014

"Springs of Water" - 05/03/14 - Psalm 106-107

"Then He changed the wasteland into fresh pools of water, and earth into springs of water," (107:35)

I smile as the image of Jed Clampit from the Beverly Hillbillies, discovers "black gold - oil that is", comes into my mind as I read this verse.  How it represents my life, before and after, I gave it to ABBA.

Yesterday while mowing, He showed me how many times He has protected me, actually saved me from harm, throughout my life (and not only while mowing).  Once, while mowing atop a wall at the bottom of a steep hill my mower hit wet grass and started to head down over the 8ft wall.  In my panic, I tried to put my foot out in front of the mower to try and stop it - the blades still running.  The small 2ft wide bed with blue rug growing in it was what ABBA used to stop it.  Looking back at that day, I realized how easily my life could have ended.  I realized the stupid things we end up doing, trying to "save ourselves" when we allow fear to take over.  He also gave me insight to prepare for the "next time" I have to mow in a situation like that.  How to maneuver the terrain in a way that keeps me from the edge. 

Just like my life. 

This time today, 26 years ago, I was giving birth to our Nichalas. 

26 years ago. 

I am finding it hard to believe my "baby" is that old and our Adam is 29. 

Up until the point of having Adam, my life was a wasteland.  I was stumbling through life, living for "self", living in fear, living life on the edge.  My "fruits" were all about the world. 

How He transformed my life at the point of Adam.  He took the wasteland and it has become lush from the fresh waters.  He has taken the fruits of our sons and daughter, making them into springs of water.  He is using me and mine to give others "living water", so their lives are eternally refreshed. 

No longer, when I find myself in situations outside my comfort zone do I "put my foot out in front of running blades".  I stand back and allow my ABBA to be my protector.  I no longer live in fear.  I live in the refreshment of His "living springs".

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