Friday, May 09, 2014

" Whose Am I?" - 05/09/14 - 2 Samuel 8-9, 1 Chronicles 18

Shuffling and stammering, not looking him in the eye, Mephibosheth said, "Who am I that you pay attention to a stray dog like me?" (2 Samuel 9:8)

Is your vision of self in line to how He sees you?

In your own personal love letter from Him, The Word, He tells you over and over how He sees you.  You are His Beloved.  You are His Desire.  You are so loved, He gave His only Son so you may live with Him eternally. 

Do you believe His Words about you or do you live life doing the "shuffle/stammer" before Him?  Do you live in false humility, feeling you are above Him?  What standards do you base your "self" on?  His or your own?  Or the world? 

Through our Savior, we are able to meet with our ABBA, 24/7.  Anytime.  Anywhere. 

We are allowed to crawl up into His Lap.  We are welcomed into an intimate relationship with Him.  He wants nothing more than all of you.  You.  As you are.

He wants you to be His.

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