Thursday, May 24, 2012

RELIEF -04/17/12 - I Sam 23:13-29, Psalm 54, I Sam 24:1-25:44

        "Saul went in to relieve himself" (1Sam 24:3)

Did you know that when He made us, there were many, many things that we all have alike.  One of them is the fact we all have to "relieve" ourselves.  It amazes me that He used basically the same "ingredients" to create us, yet not one - not even identical twins - have the same exact face.  Out of all the millions, billions of faces, bodies, personalities He created - each one is unique.

And yet, I still allow myself to be intimidated by another human.  I sometimes allow myself to "wilt" into the background when around someone "who has their act all together".  To want to " hide and not come out" when bullied.  Or when during work, when I am dirty, not in the most up to date outfit, and have to go into a store or gas station - I cringe if a well dressed woman looks down her nose at me. 

That is the times I hear Him tell me, "Deby, they go to the bathroom just like everyone else", and I smile.  I love, love my Daddy's sense of humor - even if He is sternly reminding me the I am His, His beloved and precious daughter.  Then He causes me to think about their insides.  No, not the organs, etc., but their lives.  Just because they are dressed to the nines, driving a fancy new car, doesn't mean they have their life "all together".  Doesn't mean they have everything paid for, happy marriage, good kids, and most of all - Do they know my Lord, Savior?  Is the Holy Spirit dwelling within them?  Do they chew on His Word throughout the day?  And then He lets me know that I haven't a clue what they are really thinking, what all is going on in their lives.

I am growing - I am more "Godfident" - I am focused on Him so much more throughout my days.  It is because His Word reinforces where satan and self tear down.  It is a habit I took up when very young, to beat myself up.  Tear me down.  Before anyone else could.  So often, He causes me to realize that the way I speak to me, about me, I would never do to someone else.  So why do I do that to one of His chosen?  Me. 

He has also helped me take my focus off of me, to leave my pity party and join Him.  In doing this, I have found that I am more than likely not to take things personal like I used to.  He helped me realize, "It isn't all about me"!  And how much more I enjoy the fruits of the Spirit.  How much I enjoy the burden, stress being gone. What a "relief" to be rid of all the things that bring me down - that are toxic to my spiritual, emotional, physical being.

How much more I enjoy life.

Oh, what a "relief" it is living in/for Him!


Julia said...

First of all I LOVE the picture! It made me laugh. Your dad is right too, we all go to the bathroom. I always say "they put their pants on just like me, one leg at a time!" I have learned not to sweat the small stuff. Yes, I like to dress up and look nice, but I also have lots of days I live in my PJ's and many have seen me that way! I figure take me as I am, or not at all. The ones that really matter don't mind and don't judge, but they may tell you the truth when you really need to hear it! Those are the keepers! Love ya! :)

deby said...

I consider you one of my "keepers" (-8. love ya back!