Tuesday, February 05, 2013

‎"Doing the Pharaoh" - 02/03/13 - Exodus 7:14-9:35

Pharaoh summoned Moses and Aaron. He said, “I’ve sinned for sure this time—God is in the right and I and my people are in the wrong. Pray to God. We’ve had enough of God’s thunder and hail. I’ll let you go. The sooner you’re out of here the better.   Moses said, “As soon as I’m out of the city, I’ll stretch out my arms to God. The thunder will stop and the hail end so you’ll know that the land is God’s land. Still, I know that you and your servants have no respect for God.” (9:27-30)


Does it ever cease to amaze you how persons, who don't believe or have an intimate relationship with God, usually are bullies?  How they carry an air of entitlement, arrogance, and self righteousness about them? 

After all the plagues that God had rained down on Pharaoh and his people through Moses and Aaron, Pharaoh wasn't intimidated at all.  More like he was tired of the inconvenience.  He "summoned" them, he tried to manipulate them with his confession of sinning, but the next words uttered out of his mouth - was an order.  He told Moses and Aaron to "pray to God".  And then he dictated to them what to say to God.  His blindness to God and His power is so obvious - he said he  "would let them go."  Like he was in control.

My favorite part in all of this though is Moses.  He walked so close to God, focused so totally on Him, that Pharaoh didn't "pull the wool over his eyes".  He wasn't able to dupe Moses.  To Pharaoh it must have seemed like Moses was intimidated enough by him to do as ordered.  Moses made it clear that he would do as ordered, but only for God's glory.  He was doing it so they would know it was God's land - that God was in complete control.  Moses did it regardless to the disrespect they all held towards God.  He did it because He knew.  He made this all about God.

The questions I can hear Him ask me, "You have an intimate relationship with me, yet how often are you the "entitled, arrogant, self righteous bully"?  How often are you more concerned with making yourself look better, hiding your sins under the rug?  How often do you have the nerve to compare to others when it is only Christ you need to be comparing yourself to and strive to be like.  Where did you ever get the idea that your "prayers", words that are really dictating to me what to do, have any more power than Pharaoh?  Where and when did you decide that you are god?"

And I am guilty as charged.  Even prayers I lift up that seem to be good and pure.  For those I love, "Please keep them safe from harm".  What is the alternative if they aren't?  They are in Christ, they will be home when they die.  My selfishness wants them here with me.   When praying "that others will know you intimately".  Am I waiting on His time, His way or thinking my time, my way is best? 

It is so easy to see the speck in Pharaoh or others eye, and miss the board in my own.  To think that I am above others just because I have that intimate relationship with Him. 

Our Father loves all.


As we are to love all. 


When I think about my prayers - what are my words?  How is my heart when I am praying?  Am I completely submitting to His way?  His time?  Him? 

Do I pray like my Savior?  Making time each day to go before my Father, my Daddy, my Abba.  Away to an alone place, focused totally on Him.  Humbling myself, bearing my heart, soul, and mind totally to Him.  Submitting to His will.  Listening, hearing, and heeding His voice.

Or do I do "The Pharaoh".

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