Monday, March 17, 2014

"Transformation" - 03/17/14 - Deuteronomy 17-20

You have to purge the evil from your community.(17:7)

For his birthday, instead of a Christlike card, praising him for Whose and who he is to God and so many others, Adam received a very distasteful one.  If he were younger, I would hold the person accountable, but am comforted knowing Adam also felt as Curt and I did.  What an opportunity to grow their relationship with Adam they missed.  It was validation that they don't know him, for instead of finding humor in the card, he felt disgust.  He saw it as degrading towards women and how our ABBA created them to be viewed, cherished, treasured.

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Thankfully, ABBA is changing my heart that instead of self-righteousness, I am instead having sorrow for them.  ABBA has also held me accountable that I must be on guard to have empathy not apathy when those who are outside of Him will act as the world and not of Him.  To have faith that He is bigger and in control and His hedge of protection is about our "community" - aka our family.  What a blessing and encouragement it is to see our fruits, Adam, Nichalas, Amber, walking closely with Him.  To see our "community" is continually growing in Him, having distaste towards evil and purging it from their lives as they strive to become more Christ like. 

His Community - my family in Him - the numbers go beyond the five of us.  In this spiritual battle we are in, it is by purging evil from our "community" that we are strengthened to recognize and fight off the world and its evil when it tries to invade us.  God doesn't allow us to live in the gray of living - it is either black or white.  Not fence straddling.  Only by filling ourselves with Him, through His Spirit, His Word, are we able to know, see, and be Warriors in His Army against the evil. 

His Word enables us to live life with eyes wide open -

against the evil trying to settle into His "community". 

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