Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Curt - 05/09/12 - Psalm 27-32

God makes His people strong.
God gives His people peace."(Psalm 29:11)

My Curt saved my life today.  For real.

I have realized more than ever this year that my body is really aging.  I have also realized how very much I need Curt and his physical strength in our business.  I am unable to do all I used to do. 


After today, He has removed that frustration and replaced it with total thankfulness. 

I grew up on a farm and was the oldest child. Even though I only weighed 115 - I was strong for a girl.  I was raised working hard - lifting heavy stuff - taking care of livestock - running equipment - baling hay -  I was my dad's "boy".  A lot of my "worth" was in my strength and how hard I could work.  That has carried over to today.  To me it is a sign of weakness to depend so much on Curt.  I also forget that he is a man and much stronger than I am or ever have been.  He also has greater endurance than I do/did. 

God has helped me realize that it isn't a sign of weakness to depend on Curt to carry more of the physical weight in the business.  We do work well together and I am able to carry my share of the work.  He said the other day he doesn't feel like he is carrying me.  The scripture about the cord of three can not be broken reminds me of Curt, myself and God.  In all of our areas of life.

Today - we were mowing at Aldi's.  I was frustrated because I was delayed getting started due to a phone call.  When we both start out together, we end up being done at the same time.  I took off with the little mower and Curt was ahead of me using the weed eater. 

Behind the store on a rather steep hill are evergreens that I use the little mower to get up underneath of the branches.  As I started to mow around one, Curt came to the top of the hill weed eating.  Suddenly he stopped and motioned for me to come up beside him.  I turned off the mower and went up.  He pointed out on the branches of the tree I was about to mow under a swarm of bees.  There were so many of them that the large branch was bent down and almost touching the ground - right at the level the mower would have been.  It was a swarm 1' x 4'. 

God knew before He created the world about those bees, about my phone call, about Curt being ahead of schedule on the weed eater.  He knew that I would/am depending on Curt for strength in more ways than physical.   Curt supports, encourages, looks out for, loves - me.  He is my best friend and how much I love sharing our lives, our sons/daughter, our home and our business with.  I am so thankful that I don't have to do it on my own - nor do I want to. 

I so desire to share my life with my Curt. 

He knew in the thanksgiving I have for my husband, I would find peace. 

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